Numerous Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables for Kids


Fruits and vegetables don’t occupy a superior position in the preference of food for most kids. They like to eat food which is sugary and sweet in taste, consuming a lot of calories in the process and most fruits and vegetables being bitter or sour do not appeal to their fancy. Neophobia, the fear of new things is also prevalent from 2 to 6 years of age, and they don’t want to try new food. There are multiple benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, and if this habit is initiated at a tender age, it will remain throughout. Educating your kids about the benefits becomes the foremost criteria here. Letting your kids choose the vegetables or fruits of their liking would be a good way to start. Here are a few reasons why fruits and vegetables are extremely important.

Rich nutritional value

A balanced diet is something that you should look forward to consuming throughout the day, whether you’re a vegan food lover, or otherwise. A child’s body is a growing one, so they need elevated levels of nutrition to facilitate the growth and development. Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of multiple necessary nutrients like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and so on. Citrus fruits are a rich source of vitamin C, carrots a rich source of vitamin A and vegetables have a considerable amount of minerals in them. So your child can fulfill the nutrient requirements easily.

Decreased chances of obesity

Obesity is a growing concern for kids of today’s generation. Fruits and vegetables have a high content of stomach satisfying fiber content which gives a sense of fullness, which reduces the consumption of sugary and sticky food.

Beneficial for intestinal and digestive health

Due to the presence of high fiber content, fruits and vegetables help to regulate the bowel movement of kids by manipulating the consistency of the feces and thus prevent various intestinal and digestive issues like constipation, diverticulosis, gastroenteritis, and the like.

Reduce the chances of getting diseases

It has been found out that kids who consume more amounts of fruits and vegetables are less prone to fall sick and contract diseases, both acute and chronic, due to its nutritional quotient which plays a significant role in its prevention. Presence of high amount of antioxidant in them is also very beneficial. They are also helpful in preventing dental diseases.

Improves their performance in school

Kids who are healthy tend to perform better in school, be it academics or sports or cultural events. Since fruits and vegetables are related to keeping the child healthy, they indirectly contribute to his/her superior performance.

Keep them energetic throughout the day

Fruits have a high amount of carbohydrates which are the energy store of the body. Thus, they help in keeping the energy levels of the kid high which helps him to concentrate better.

If you can inculcate the habit of eating fruits and vegetables in your kids from an early age, they will lead a healthy and prosperous life for a long time, without unnecessary concerns and sans illness.

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I like green vegetables. it is good for health. I am looking to learn more about this issue. Thank you for sharing. I will follow this site regularly.

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I have read your post, thank you for sharing, your post is very helpful to me. I hope you will have many good articles to bring to the reader.

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