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Usually as a mom I’m aware of a lot of things when it comes to kids but this one passed right over my head. I’m talking about World Snowman Day that was January 18, 2016!
Now building snowman is by far me and my kid’s favorite things to do when it snows. We always take time out to visit one of the biggest mountains here in MI, do a little sledding and of course build a few snowman
We would spend all day in the snow and don’t let the snowballing fights begin, the kids and my husband would bomb me first every time…lol!

Sometimes the weather would be so cold and the snow so high but it didn’t matter we would stay outdoors building our snowmen, making angels, building snow mountains and getting our snowball fights going. Afterwards we would go inside, drink tea, coco and talk about whose snowman was the best.

Oh the memories will be forever in my mind, it was one of the best times for me and the kids! I mean the laughs and smiles from building their snowmen were priceless. What I enjoyed seeing the most was the fact that my kids let go of those electronics, TV’s and games to get outdoors.

It is so important that our children get outdoors to play no matter what the weather maybe. That’s why Culturelle designed an “Indoor Snowman Kit” to share with your kids also.

Kids Chew on HW die

Culturelle wants everyone to know that just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean that you and your kids can’t go out and enjoy outdoors. Many people are not aware that being outside actually helps to strengthen your immune system because exercising along with Vitamin D from the sun will help to build up your body’s immune system.

Are you aware that probiotics, or good bacteria, can help reduce occasional digestive problems like constipation, gas, bloating and diarrhea by restoring a natural balance of bacteria in the digestive tract? And that 70% of your immune system resides in your digestive tract? A balanced digestive system can support immune health and help keep you feeling great.*

Now listen, Culturelle has a wide selection of products that focus on promoting digestive health and immune support.


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With the way our body’s work and changes it’s good to make sure you enhance your immune system. This way your body can provide you the immune boost you need to keeping you healthy while you’re enjoying outdoors.

To restore balance in your digestive tract it’s important to choose the right probiotic. Learn about Culturelle for your entire family and know that Culturelle isn’t just another probiotic. It’s the only probiotic supplement with 100% Lactobacillus GG, the #1 clinically studied strain. Lactobacillu GG can survive in harsh stomach acids to get to where it is needed most – the intestines. Lactobacillus GG has also been shown to form a strong barrier against non-beneficial bacteria on the intestinal wall.


What you waiting for? Now that you know why probiotics are beneficial, it’s time to see why Culturelle should be your #1 probiotic choice.


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