No Membership Required: The Ultimate List of Home Exercise Equipment


Whatever your reasons are for getting fit, this doesn’t have to involve traveling to your local gym to carry out a fitness regime. Instead, you can bring exercise to your home where the equipment’s there as and when you have time to use it.

Signing up to a gym can be incredibly expensive and it’s not for everyone. Unless you’re going to spend hours there each day and enjoy it, looking at ways you can bring a slice of the gym to your home could be the answer. However, in order to make this effective, you’ll need to be dedicated and you’ll need the right type of equipment for the type of workout that you’re looking for.

So, whether you’re looking to build up your endurance or you want a new bikini body for summer, here are some of the pieces of equipment you’ll need:

Gym Equipment for Cardio

First and foremost, you’ll need a rowing machine because this can help to improve how fit you are in a number of different ways. They can help to improve your endurance, strengthen your cardiovascular function and tone and build your muscle. It’s also a fantastic way of burning calories; so if you’re thinking about losing weight through exercise, opting for the best rated rowing machine is a good choice for your regular fitness regime. It’s also good if you have any joint or back problems because, as long as you’re using it correctly, you’ll put little strain on these parts of your body.

Air bikes are another great addition for cardio workouts because unlike stationary bikes, these types of fitness machines push you even further. This is because the harder you pedal the more push you’ll get from the fan, which allows you to change your pace and your resistance, making it great if your training at high-intensity levels. And, you’ll also be working your arms out at the same time because a lot of air bikes include pushing and pulling handles that you’ll need to use during your workout.  

Other key things include a treadmill (you can run for miles whilst still catching up on your favorite TV) and a punch bag.

Gym Equipment for Building Up Strength

No home gym is going to be complete without dumbbell sets and it’s a good idea to get an adjustable set that will add some versatility to your workout. Changing the amount of weight on each dumbbell will allow you to vary your fitness regime, adding more weight as you start to feel stronger.  This removes the need for new dumbbells each time you reach a new fitness level as you’ll be able to adjust them accordingly. And to get a full workout with these weights, it’s a good idea to invest in a weight-lifting bench too.

Finally, equip yourself with some medicine balls as these will help you with your curls, sit ups, squats and lunges, getting your whole body involved.

Gym Equipment for Increasing Your Flexibility

If you’re more focused on increasing your flexibility, you’ll need to make sure the first piece of equipment you purchase is an exercise mat. This will provide you with all of the comfort you need for carrying out your Yoga / Pilates regime and also provides you with support when you’re doing your pushups, ab workout or even for your pre- or post-workout stretching.

Gym Equipment on a Tight Budget

And if getting fit is something you want to do but you don’t want to invest in any expensive equipment or gym memberships, there are several cheap pieces of equipment you can purchase that can build your overall strength. Push up bars are great for putting up at a door, and because most of us find these impossible to start with, if you practice each time you walk through the door, you’ll soon start to notice an improvement.

Skipping ropes aren’t just for children, as these handy pieces of gym equipment are great for getting your blood pumping, and they’re incredibly cheap too! If you jump through a skipping rope for 10 minutes this provides you with as much exercise as if you’ve run for 30 minutes, so it’s also a quick and easy solution if you’re pushed for time to do your cardio workout.

Other cheaper pieces of equipment include an ab wheel and minimalistic elliptical trainer or running machine. And when it comes to weights, you just need a little imagination with what you’ve got in the house – tins of baked beans are great instead of dumbbells for starters!

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