The New Challenges Of Moving From Home Office To Commercial Premises


Having achieved success from the comfort of your home, the time to transition into commercial workspace has arrived. But are you ready to make the most of this evolution for continued success and progress? Let’s find out. 

Here are just four elements that you’ll need to keep a close eye on. Make sure that you do, and settling into the new habits should be easy. Once you do, the future of your entire venture will look brighter than ever.

The New Challenges Of Moving From Home Office To Commercial Premises

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Hiring Staff 

Most home-based mompreneurs can survive with outsourcing jobs to remote freelancers. When making the transition to a commercial workspace, though, you’ll almost certainly start hiring people. Whether using a recruitment expert or handling the job internally doesn’t matter. You must analyze personalities as well as abilities. On a similar note, keeping employees motivated with staff perks and good break room facilities will pay dividends. 

A strong team makes the growth and process of taking the business to another level far easier. Besides, when you’re not worrying about them, you can focus on individual tasks. 

Protecting Assets 

When working from home, keeping the business assets protected is pretty simple. After all, you are actively at the business address even when you sleep. Moving to the new working environment brings new challenges. However, a combination of cybersecurity, CCTV, and anti-theft systems should keep you safe. Meanwhile, you must protect intellectual property with the necessary legal documentation. This includes stopping employees from stealing ideas. 

The fear is probably worse than the reality. Still, prevention is always easier than attending to a problem. With this in mind, insurance is another key component.     

Maintaining Safety & Normality

 When something goes wrong in the home, you can usually find a quick fix that will see you through until finding a permanent solution at a later date. When working in a commercial space, those faults can cause safety hazards and disrupt productivity. In some situations, it may even invalidate insurances. A commercial plumber is one of the most important contacts you’ll ever have as this is an area where issues are likely to surface fairly recently. Meanwhile, it pays to have backup electricity facilities on site. 

On a separate note, a clean workspace is a happy workspace. It also reduces the threat of illness. Whether using experts or doing it in-house, you mustn’t overlook this factor. 


Technically speaking, facing overheads is nothing new. Nonetheless, many of those such as ground rentals and internet packages were already covered by your home finances. When moving into a commercial property, you’ll encounter a whole host of new costs. A small business accountant will give you the best chance of staying on top of those items. Still, you should look to keep those expenses down. This can be achieved by using price comparison sites and similar cost-cutting techniques to your advantage.     

Moving to a bigger and better premises should increase your revenue-making opportunities. When the outgoings column of your balance sheets is controlled, success is assured.

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