My Water Has Changed Taste. Why?


In the modern day and age, we have ubiquitous access to water. There are seldom situations in which we’re thirsty and cannot sate ourselves, and even so, then we’ll probably find water just a few feet away or further down the street.

It’s might be comforting knowing that you can drink water while a dramatic percentage of the globe’s population is going through so many struggles to acquire theirs, but did you know that even the tap water we’ve grown so used to is less safe than advertised?

Most people learn about this the hard way: when their home water suddenly changes taste, color, or smell, and they start worrying. Because, after all, there’s nothing wrong with your water if it looks fine, right?

Wrong! Water can be contaminated by such a large variety of chemicals it would be a wise choice to consider investing in a water filter. If your home water supply has recently changed taste, then I’m going to help you diagnose the issue so that you know what filter you should get.

And, with that being said, let’s get right into it. If you’d like to find out even more about the topic, check out the blog!

Why Is Tap Water Bad?

While it definitely can’t be said that tap water is expressly contaminated, the sad and unfortunate truth is that water treatment plants don’t perform magic. They might be able to purify water as much as possible – and they do – but there is another obstacle in the way that ruins the quality of your liquid.

“What obstacle is that?” you might ask. Well, it’s water pipes.

You heard that right. Water pipes.

Most water pipes across the United States were installed such a long time ago that it’s not surprising they’ve fallen into grave disrepair. A very common home problem, for example, is rust from the water pipe seeping through your water supply.

Therefore, if your water has suddenly started tasting metallic or if it’s visibly changed color, then you absolutely must consider getting a water filter for your home. Because like it or not, there’s a large probability you might catch a disease or another from drinking contaminated water.

What’s the Problem With My Water?

There are a lot of things that could go wrong with your water supply, though I’ve dedicated the rest of this article to describe the most common causes of sudden changes in texture, smell, taste, or color.

Sweet Water

Does your water taste sweet? Don’t feel too happy about it – odds are it’s not a good sign at all.

Depending on where you’re from, water that tastes slightly sweet is not anything to worry about. On the other hand, if it has a taste that could veritably be described as sweet, then your water pipes might need cleaning, as there might be a high concentration of natural minerals.

Mind you, those natural minerals are technically good for you. But as you no doubt know, too much of anything good is bad!

Thick Water

If your water feels like it’s been thickened by starch, then it most likely has an excess of sodium. There is such a large variety of ways that sodium could infiltrate your water supply that it doesn’t matter as much where it comes from but rather how to remove it. Thankfully, most modern water filters are easily able to remove contaminants such as sodium

Rotten Water

I think that everyone’s had to deal with water that smells like rotten eggs at least once in their lives, whether it comes from the tap or another source altogether. Truth be told, there are a lot of contaminants that could be making your water smell rotten, though more often than not it’s due to an excess of sulfur dioxide.

If your water smells rotten, maybe double-check your water pipes and supply to ensure nothing has died in there. If everything seems fine, then buying a water filter is the fastest solution to your taste problem.

Taste Not, Want Not

Don’t be dissuaded from drinking from your tap just because the taste of your water has changed. Install a filter and nurse it back to proper health!

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