What You Should Look For When Picking the Right Triple Stroller


When it comes to choosing the best triple stroller, there are many factors to consider. Whether you have twins, a child who is heavy, or more than one child, it is important to get one that will accommodate all your needs. 

The following tips will help you find the perfect option. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy your new stroller addition after weighing the pros and cons. Just be sure to do your research!

Is A Triple Stroller Right for My Family?

A good double stroller or triple stroller is ideal for parents with twins and a sibling, or triplets, or three kids of slightly different ages. The advantage of a triple stroller is that you can push your kids in the same direction. 

This can be a good option if you want to use your baby stroller to transport three children at the same time, especially during long walks, for example, in Disney World or Disneyland. If you want to travel frequently with your children, lightweight tandem strollers with standing boards or removable child seats are ideal.

Considerations in Choosing The Best Triple Stroller

Consider the Age and Size of Your Child First.

The first thing you should look for in a stroller for three kids is the age and size of your child. If you’re buying it for a younger child, it’s wise to get one with infant support. If your child is older, they’ll need more headroom and a larger stroller with more seat space. Purchasing a triple stroller for a family with three kids that are of great age difference may not be the safest choice – in this case you may want to look at stroller wagons or get more than one stroller instead.

A stroller’s capacity should match your child’s age. If you have an infant, look for a model with a lower seat incline and more legroom. If you’re planning on having a toddler and an older child, consider a stroller with more headroom and more storage space. If you plan on having multiple children, go for a stroller with more capacity and stability.

Check The Triple Stroller Storage Space.

It’s also important to check on the stroller’s storage capacity. Some models have large baskets underneath all the kids. A large basket can be convenient to carry more items but may be difficult to access from the front of the stroller. 

A large storage capacity may also influence the stability of the stroller, so ensure you consider the stroller’s stability as well apart from wanting more room to store your children’s items.

Triple Child Seats or Seats with Standing Platform Combo?

A triple stroller may not necessarily come in the form of three child seats – you could also consider a convertible stroller that is in the form of a double stroller with a stand-on board or removable child seat. This option is convenient when you’d prefer a triple stroller to accommodate your older child while tending to your younger infants. The seats should have multiple reclines so that your child will stay upright or can lay back comfortably for naps.

Triple Stroller Safety.

When you’re choosing a triple stroller, it’s important to consider the safety of the stroller. While a triple stroller can accommodate three children, it’s not ideal for kids of different ages or weights.

You’ll want to consider the safety features of your triple stroller. A 5-point harness is always the go-to option if you have multiple children. Other features include a parking brake and a safe breakaway system. If you are an active jogger parent, safety features are something you will be concerned more about, and usually a good triple jogging stroller should do the trick well to bring your three kids out for a jog together. The frame should be sturdy and lightweight, and it should lock both wheels at once. 

It is essential to choose the best triple stroller for your child’s safety – don’t skimp on the safety features! The features of the best double and triple strollers should ensure that they are comfortable for the child. 

What’s Your Budget?

Triple strollers can be really expensive strollers due to the bigger frames and more capacity to cater to three children. Ideally, buy your triple stroller from reputable brands such as Bugaboo, Uppababy or Zoe.

If you have a limited budget, you could consider buying a lightly used triple stroller. Most people buy a triple stroller for their baby’s second or third year, and often pass it down through the family. 

However, if you’re looking for an affordable triple stroller, you could consider buying a second-hand one. Although you’ll have to be careful to inspect a used stroller for safety and security reasons, these triple-stroller options are great for a second-hand option but they may not last as long as a new triple stroller.


When shopping for a triple stroller, there are many things to look out for, from your family size, stroller safety, other features and style. When you purchase a triple stroller, be sure that it is rated for the weight of your children. Otherwise, it will fall or tip over, or even break, posing great hazards to your kids. 

Aside from the size and color, you should also check the weight limit. All factors considered, choosing the right one will prevent you from buying the wrong one and ensure the best riding experience for your children.

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