Motorhome Holidays: 4 Reasons they are the Best Family Option


Family holidays are time for memories and relaxing. But if you have a family to factor in, extra planning and preparation takes some of the fun out of a getaway. Why not make the journey part of your trip? Enter the motorhome. Hire your very own accommodation on wheels so you can go where you want, when you want. Looking to stay in your home country or want to explore further afield? Whether it’s motorhome hire in Australia to America, there will be a set of wheels to suit your budget and plans. Here’s why we are loving the motorhome holiday.

  • Freedom

Motorhome hire is a fantastic way to take long road trips anywhere you like.  Stop when and where you want and sightsee in local areas that interest you. No being stuck in one place, you can move on to explore and know that you have somewhere comfortable and safe to stay the night. Pre-pack your motorhome with provisions and you have dinner available even if you arrive somewhere late and the shops are shut – excellent for hungry tummies!

  • Flexibility

The ability to take your accommodation with you means you can travel pretty much anywhere and when things change, your holiday can change with it. If the weather is bad, you have shelter and if it ends up being a stellar day, you can maximise outdoor exploring. You can stop and enjoy the moment on your schedule. Often this means a lot less time planning and organising as you don’t have to factor in getting to hotels or places to stay at a certain time. Our pro tip: chat to locals and find the hidden secrets of the area that are not easily discovered in books or online. 

  •  Budget

For those who want to travel on a budget, motorhomes come in many price points and configurations. Motorhomes save you money on accommodation because you can camp, but also have your own transport. The seasoned pros will pack their motorhome with provisions and family favourites, so you can have food that your family likes on hand which also makes it easier to stick to budget. To save further cash still, you may opt for a smaller van and take your camping gear with you, whether you plan to head off-road camping or stay at caravan parks. 

  • Health

The world has been through a pretty epic few years with the global pandemic. Being able to travel again is a privilege, but we all want to keep ourselves and our families healthy. One of the best ways to reduce exposure to potential illnesses is to have your own accommodation that only you and your family access. You know how clean the space is and can maintain hygiene standards which cannot always be guaranteed when staying in new hotels or lodgings. Piece of mind so you can enjoy your travels!

Motorhomes make your holiday comfortable, without sacrificing on adventure. Perfect for families who like to get out there and explore on their own terms. So, what are you waiting for? We’ll see you on the road!

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