Motorcycle Storage: 3 Ways to Keep the Elements From Trashing Your Bike


 One of the most important aspects of motorcycle maintenance is keeping it protected from the elements. The wind, rain, sun, and sand can all have a detrimental effect on your bike, especially if it’s not properly maintained and protected in the off-season. Odds are, you’ve invested a lot of money into your bike and would like it to stand the test of time. Here are three ways to keep the elements from destroying your bike.


Summertime is ideal for riding, but with the heat comes the risk of damage to your bike. Hot climates can cause serious damage to your tires, so it’s important to inspect them frequently for cracks and dryness. Applying a rubber protectant will keep your tires in good shape so it may be worth trying.

It’s never a good idea to let dirt, bugs, and salt from the road build up on your bike — this can cause corrosion of the paint and finish. Give your bike a good wash and let it fully dry after riding and before storing it in the off-season. To preserve the paint, apply a wax coat to protect keep moisture out.

Prep your bike for a long storage period during the winter months to maintain its durability and longevity. Keep your tires in good shape by using a motorcycle stand from Shinko tires or by rotating the bike every couple of weeks to prevent flat spots and check the pressure frequently. If possible, try to avoid letting the bike sit on bare concrete. Instead, place plywood or carpet underneath the tires to protect them from water damage.

Change the oil and filter, and lubricate the cables, chain drives, controls, and pivot points to prevent damage and corrosion while your bike is in storage, to help extend its life. Keep the gas tank about 90 percent full, and add a fuel stabilizer to prevent rusting. Be sure to top off all fluids to protect your motorcycle’s internal systems and pipes.

Invest in a cover

Keeping your motorcycle covered protects it from elements. It’s a quick and easy solution that keeps your motorcycle looking great and prevents damage, debris, bugs, and small animals from harming the sensitive areas of your bike. Invest in a durable, waterproof cover that can protect from rain and large hail, which could severely damage the exterior of your bike and cause rust on the inner parts. Opt to use a cover anytime you have to park your bike outside and make sure that is long enough to cover as much of the bike as possible.

Keep your bike properly stored

When the weather isn’t ideal, it’s best to keep your bike indoors or safely stored. Indoor storage such as a garage shed, or facilities like self-storage in Clifton, NJ is great environments to keep your bike protected from the elements. If your home doesn’t have a garage or an area to safely store your bike, there are several options to consider.

Parking your motorcycle in a driveway at home is convenient and free. You can keep an eye on it easily and use a cover to keep the parts and paint protected. A motorcycle shelter is another affordable alternative. Similar to a miniature garage, the shelter has a durable, retractable cover that’s designed to keep your bike completely covered.

Traditional storage facilities often lease parking spaces within their lot for motorcycles and small boats. Although the parking spaces are usually uncovered, this option offers an easily accessible place to store your motorcycle, and a gated area to keep it safe. For this type of storage, it’s recommended to keep your bike covered and check it often for routine maintenance. There are also outdoor storage facilities that exclusively offer boat, motorcycle, and ATV owners a place to safely store their property for an expected fee. These facilities aren’t always fully enclosed but they do have a roof to provide protection from the rain.

Be sure to consider these three tips to ensure your bike is properly protected from the elements all year long.

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