Most Common Number Bets in Roulette


Hardly is there a more superstitious tribe than gamblers. No wonder –  games of chance have always been entirely based on luck, so players need some assurance that they are lucky enough to win. And that is why, centuries ago, gamblers started believing in superstitions. Not only did players believe in superstitions, but they also based their actions on superstitious beliefs. Today, some players still base their bets on superstitions.

Like almost every other casino game, roulette has always been associated with various superstitions, one of which deals with “hot” and “cold” numbers. In spite of how many numbers there are on the roulette wheel, most players want to know which numbers are “hot” and which are not before placing a bet. Some players go even farther, investing a lot of effort into knowing what kind of number is on a roll – black or red, even or odd.

Renown online casinos keep track of the most common winning numbers in roulette and maintain an updated list of the past 10 or 14 winning numbers for players to follow. Some land-based casinos also offer bonus bets and players statistics of the most common winning numbers. Naturally, when players are able to keep track of the most common winning numbers on the roulette wheel, they can plan their bets accordingly.

Apart from tote boards which show the most common winning numbers over the past ten spins, most common number bets can also be used by players to place more calculated bets. And, while we can not show you a tote board, we can certainly familiarize you with some of the most common number bets in roulette, as well as the least common. Read below to find out which are the most common number bets in roulette.

Most common number bet #3: 23/24

Some say that when you look at the roulette table, 23 and 24 are the first numbers you will see. Apparently, that is enough of a reason for many gamblers to place bets on these two numbers.

Most common number bet #2: 7

Let us face it, seven is a gambler’s luckiest number. But even non-gamblers love this number. Ask anyone to name an odd number between one and ten and guess what – most people choose the number 7. What makes this number so favoured could be that it is completely integrated in out life. For example, we have seven days of the week; there are also seven seas as well as seven continents.

Most common number bet #1: 17

Having delivered a number of mind-blowing wins, the number 17 is believed the most common number bet. Ask a dealer which number bet is most common, and they will spell this magical number. First of all, 17 is placed on the centre of the roulette table, which makes it an obvious choice (not unlike the numbers 23 and 24). More importantly, however, the number is often described as “most random number”. This means that when people have to choose a random number, they always go for 17.

As we mentioned, 17 has rewarded gamblers more than once. For example, in 1963, Sean Connery visited an Italian casino and managed to win $27,000 by betting on the number 17. By the way, he won three times in a row. Another lucky winner is Newcastle United’s owner – Mike Ashley. He won £1.3 million by placing a bet on 17.

Most Common Number Bets in Roulette

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Numbers to Avoid

Of course, not every gambler bases their bets on statistics. Some players rely on a different strategy, dedicating their bets to special dates – be it anniversaries, birthdays, or other special occasions. Nevertheless, all players think alike when it comes to numbers that must be avoided. Below, we have gathered some of the most uncommon number bets.

Most uncommon number bet #4: 0

When it comes to roulette number bets, zero is one of the least popular numbers. There are many theories why players avoid the zero, according to one of which it is because of the frequency of hits. What is more, the position of the zero on the roulette wheel appears isolated from the rest, which might be another reason for players to avoid placing bets on it.

Most uncommon number bet #3: 6

Having negative connotations, the number 6 is another largely unpopular number bet in roulette.

Most uncommon number bet #2: 34

This number is proclaimed unlucky by professional roulette players. Why professional players have deemed this number unlucky remains unclear. However, according to some experts, professional gamblers dislike the position of the number on all three types of roulette wheels.

Most uncommon number bet #1: 13

The most superstitious number of all—13—is the least played number on the entire roulette table. The number 13 has been associated with bad luck for centuries, which is the most likely reason for gamblers to almost never place a bet on it.

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Sarah James
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