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Although we don’t always love to admit it, the whirlwind life of the Kardashian clan is highly addicting. I’m no stranger of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and as catty as that family gets sometimes, I can’t help but tune it to see what fabulous outfits Kris Jenner and her beautiful brood are wearing every episode. Kris is the classic sophisticate with her blazer vests and black and white accents, Kim is the old fashioned-feminine type with her pin-up pieces, Khloe is the boho-glam girl with her head scarves and flowy jumpsuits, and Kourtney is sassy-chic with her sweet dresses and mod shades.

My favorite style to steal is miss Kourtney Kardashian, because although her boyfriend Scott isn’t exactly prince charming, her classic, elegant-with-an-edge outfits makes her look like fashion royalty. She has the amazing ability to make blacks, blues, and neutrals look fresh and upbeat by adding leopard accents, bold pops of color, and retro vintage accessories that give as much sass to her outfit as her saucy attitude. I love how she even looks put together on play dates with little Mason or while stopping for a cup of coffee; she makes mommy chic look effortless and cool.

Here are my top five favorite Kourtney looks that any busy mom, full-time student, or career woman can pull off. The key is to take her designer outfits and find similar pieces that won’t break the bank. Follow these looks for everything from a lunch date with your girlfriends to a night out with the hubby, and you’ll be channeling your inner Kourtney Kardashian fashionista in no time.

Chic Style #1: Flirty-Femme Date Night




versized sunglasses · sweater · skirt · red clutch ·heels

Chic Style #2: Street Shopping Chic


aviator sunglasses · blouse · blue pashmina· jeans · clutch· boots

Chic Style #3: Beach Vacation Babe




cat eye sunglasses · swimsuit · bangles · sandals

Chic Style #4: Casual Weekender



round sunglasses · linen scarf · blouse · shorts · heels · bangles · tan satchel

Chic Style #5: Girl’s Night Getaway







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