Consider CoolSculpting for Your Ideal Warm Weather Body


Bandeau_Bikini_adjusted​Have you heard of the CoolSculpting procedure to get your body in shape and ready for summer? CoolSculpting is a revolutionary new non-invasive procedure that is taking the cosmetic field by storm. This is a technology that can reduce those problem areas on the body that diet and exercise alone can’t touch. By using cooling technology, the areas that you may have been struggling to get rid of fat in the past can be taken care of in a pain free, effective manner. Florida plastic surgeon and CoolSculpting provider Dr. John Fasano shares some of the benefits of CoolSculpting that are noteworthy for anyone looking to easily achieve a summer-ready body:

CoolSculpting is Quick and Painless

One of the biggest benefits of choosing CoolSculpting as a means to get a bikini-ready body for the summer is that the procedure is very quick. In general, it will only take an hour or two, and because you won’t need to be put under any anesthesia or drugs, you can go on throughout your day with no other interruption. You will also find that the CoolSculpting procedure doesn’t hurt. This is a non-invasive procedure, so most of the time, you will find that you can read a book, listen to music, or even take a nap while the doctor is performing CoolSculpting.

You Will Get Amazing Results

You will also find that you will get amazing results when you choose CoolSculpting. Typically within about three weeks following treatment, results will be evident. In most cases, those who go under the CoolSculpting procedure will see up to 23% reduction in body fat. As you can imagine, this is a significant amount, and you will certainly be able to see the difference when you look at yourself in the mirror. Of course, others will notice too.

CoolSculpting Will Only Affect Fat Cells

Now that you know about the benefits of CoolSculpting, you might be wondering how it works. The procedure is based on the idea that fat cells are damaged when treated with extreme cold, and once that damage occurs, will shrink and die. The cold, however, does not affect other cells in the body, so only the fat cells will disappear. This is a process that happens gradually over a few weeks’ time, so if you are interested in this procedure, it is best to do it in the weeks before bikini weather arrives.

Are You a CoolSculpting Candidate?

Finally, it’s important that you remember that CoolSculpting will not help you lose weight – it will only remove some fat cells and sculpt your body. This is a procedure that is ideal for those who are within 10-15 pounds of their ideal weight, and for those who have pockets of fat that will not go away through the use of diet and exercise. If you meet that criteria, and have unwanted fat around your abdomen or other specific areas, you might be a candidate for CoolSculpting. Make sure to talk to a doctor about the possibility of CoolSculpting.

John Fasano, MD, is a renowned plastic surgeon in Stuart, Florida.

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