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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that more and more parents nowadays are keen that their children have a good grasp at speaking the English language. And if they feel and think so it is because of the global use of the language. But for this, it is better that children start to learn the language at an early age because this is the time when anything that is taught to them has the longest lasting effect on their brains and this Methodology of Helen Doron produces Happy Students with Perfect English.

The most important pillar in the life a child is their parents and if the parents provide a motivational and encouragement factor and also take interest in their learning of the language it makes the English learning process much faster. Hence the role of the parent in learning English of the child is important and irreplaceable.

Let us look at some of the ways through which, you as a parent, can help your child learn the language faster by using some basic methodology:

  1.  Know the language yourself:

To instill an interest in the language for your children what you will have to do is show an interest yourself in it. This would be a path diversion for your child. If you have enrolled your child to an English class take time to know what he learned in the class and you can also ask him to teach you if they learn some new words. This would make them pay more attention in their class so that they can boost themselves in front of you.

        2.  English Playtime:

Make it a point to use the English language everywhere, especially during playtime. This is the time they are most relaxed because of which it becomes easier for them to learn the language.

        3.  Bed time stories:

Reading bedtime stories to your children is the best way to connect to your child and also spend value based time with them. You can increase the value up a notch by reading those stories in English. In the beginning, you might have to make them understand the meaning of every word and sentence, but gradually they will be able to understand and also read the stories themselves.

       4.  Listening to English music channels:

When your kids are playing or just relaxing or even just talking amongst themselves tune into an English music channel and keep it going in the background. The smaller brain or the subconscious mind of an individual is enabled to pick up details from their surroundings and hence when the lyrics of the music would be caught by the subconscious mind of your children they will remember to use them in their everyday speech also.

       5.  Sing nursery rhymes together:

Another scope of spending quality time with your kids, especially if they are small, is to sing nursery rhymes together. If you are not sure about the wording of the rhyme, you can always check the YouTube channel, and it is also fun for the children as the videos are entertaining for the kids as well.

Parents are known to hyperventilate if the child does not immediately signs of learning and speaking the language. Advice to such parents is to relax and let them grasp and learn the language at their own pace.

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