Marriage On The Rocks: Don’t Threat And Follow These Tips


Getting married is a commitment. We all know that. But life isn’t always perfect, and sometimes we may find ourselves in a situation where are marriage isn’t as great as it used to be. It’s understandable. When you are married, you go through a heck of a lot together. Work and employments dramas. Financial problems can cause stress. We all know that starting a family can have a huge strain on a relationship. Even for the strongest of couples. So if you find yourself in this situation where your marriage feels a little rocky don’t threat. Here are a few tips that may help you get through the tough time.


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Find the stressors and try and resolve them.

Finding the route cause of the rockiness in a marriage is a good place to start. Is it due to your circumstances or something much more than that? Figuring out what the issues are and then working together to try and resolve the issues could be all it takes to make your marriage work again.

Communicate more

Sometimes one of you could feel that marriage isn’t strong because you are not communicating. You may find that you are both living individual lives rather than being part of a team. Marriage is about unity. So talk to one another. Ask each other how their days were and show interest in their lives.

Concentrate on listening

As much as communication is important you must also remember to listen. You may think you are listening but do you listen? Or do you spend the time your partner is talking thinking about an answer because you assume you know what they are about to say? Do you pretend to listen but find yourself getting distracted? Listening is just as important as talking. It makes your partner feel valued.

Make each other a priority

People will always tell you that a date night is important. Making each other priority for an evening, a day or even an hour will allow you to reconnect with one another. If date nights aren’t possible then try and evening without the distraction of a mobile phone. Where you spend time together communicating and listening. Anything is worth a try.

Seek some therapy from a third party

If talking doesn’t seem to be working then perhaps seeking some couples therapy might be the answer. Sometimes it is easier to talk to a third party who isn’t directly involved in your marriage. They can give insight and make you think about things that perhaps you wouldn’t even have considered.

Make some tough decisions

If your marriage hasn’t been particularly good for some time then perhaps you have to make some tough decisions. To make life better for everyone. This could mean separating and even divorce. It is nothing to be ashamed of. The divorce waiting period can be lengthy, but it’s better for you both to be happy. Sometimes that means living separately than together.

Remember Loving someone is a decision.

Finally, when you love someone, it is a decision to do that. Love just doesn’t happen. No matter how tough things get, you wake up each day and decide to love that person. That’s got to count for something.

I hope these tips help you resolve a rocky marriage.


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