3 Reasons for Choosing Pleated Cellular Window Shades over other Products


There are many kinds of inexpensive blinds that can be purchased from home improvement stores and even few of the online stores. The big advantage that they have is that they are mostly readily available to purchase. People who have tried everything like vertical blinds, metal apartment blinds, faux wood, plantation blinds etc they realize that she should have headed in some other direction instead of sticking to different blinds. Some of the options in the blinds category available widely are vertical blinds, metal blinds, plantation blinds and then there are cellular shades. Very few realize that the last option in the list is a better choice to make unless you are going for custom blinds.

3 Cool Options

Let us take a closer look at the different options.

Vertical Blinds: These are nothing but metal strips or PVC that are handed down from the window opening’s top. Unless and until you really want to come up with a brunch house look or have glass doors in place to cover them, don’t go for these. Not only do the often fall off, they attract a lot of dust and plastic often turns pale yellow.

Metal Blinds: Most of the rental properties can be seen installed with these as they are the cheapest ones available in the market and are often called as apartment blinds. The moment you look at it, you know it is cheap and the other big problem is that one of the strips definitely develops a kink. No one knows who that happens almost every single time, but it does.

Plantation Blinds: The biggest problem with these are they rarely close properly. You can always feel light from some corner or a slight peak in place. Of course, they are good from aesthetic point of view but often compromise privacy.

Let us see why cellular shades are a better option than blinds if not better than custom blinds.

  1. If you place the order to make them in such a way that they can be opened only from the bottom and top, you can easily retain privacy and still manage to get sufficient light. All you need to do is lower theshades instead of raising them. When these are closed, the entire window remains locked and there is no peaking possible. You can also choose light filtering, which can allow sufficient light inside the room even when the blinds are properly closed.
  2. Double cell designs are the best ones as they come with more insulation. Even when sufficient light comes inside the room, the shade properly blocks the heat not allowing over heating of the room. This again is more effective as again the window is properly closed.
  3. Most of the other choices need big sizeable brackets to be fixed as they are normally is heavy. This is more relevant in case of plantation blinds. The cellular shades are many times lighter compared to the equivalent size of plantation blind. As they are ordered and not ready-made, they always fit properly. 

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