Luxury Lifestyle Trends Shifting As People Become Eco-Conscious


If you are part of the baby boomer or Generation X, you probably think that luxury is about expensive things, comfort, and convenience. However, when it comes to millennials they have a different concept of luxury. This new trend among millennials is shifting luxury lifestyle to an eco-conscious lifestyle. This means that millennials are interested more in promoting sustainability than living in excesses.

Home and Residence

In the past, luxury homes were all about big mansions and country estates. Developers would always aim to convert a farm, a forest, or a coastal area into a luxury community. They didn’t hesitate to cut down trees or displace wild animals for the sake of serving this large market.

However, millennials don’t seem to be interested in country estates or mansions. Instead, most of them would dream of living in an eco-friendly apartment like that of Belmont CA apartments and would like to see more of these eco-friendly places to live.


Three Ways to Get Ready for Summer Entertaining

For a long-time luxury travel has been associated with five-star hotels, expensive cruises, private jets, and luxury beach resorts. These used to attract an older generation of more wealthy people.

On the contrary, wealthy millennials seem to think of luxury travel as something that offers more adventures. Instead of lying upon the sand in the sun, they would rather spend their money climbing a mountain or zip-lining.

Nevertheless, they are willing to spend a lot on a travel package that looks fun and exciting. In addition, they don’t mind paying for whatever is exotic like diving and swimming with whales or even sharks.

Hawaii is a perfect example of a place that allows visitors to arrange their trips to satisfy their priorities. First, most people visit the important landmarks of native culture and of the World War II attack on Pearl Harbor by taking the tours mentioned at Beyond that, wealthy baby boomers seek out luxury accommodations and might gravitate toward something like Maui Tours – Discover Hawaii Tours to enjoy the finest in beachside vacationing, while millennials might come for surfing, hiking, zip-lining, and pricey adventure tours.

Foodluxury lifestyle trends

Considering food, the older generation of wealthy people they tend to care about food preparation such as plating and the like. Expensive restaurants prepare luxury foods while detail, size, and quality are key.

For millennials, food must come from organic source to where they can help sustain what’s important. They view what they put into their bodies as their medicine and rich organic ingredients help with this. It’s almost simplistic in its nature that they prefer to always have fresh food right out of the garden.

Millennials also prefer fast high-quality foods as you have seen with food trucks that are incorporating fresh ingredients with reimagined recipes like a cheese taco with lobster and fresh chipotle sauce, or vegan food trucks that offer a wide selection of choices.


Millennials don’t care about brands or designer labels. They would always go for whatever is functional. They don’t care whether a gadget is expensive or not for as long as it is a quality product, and therefore, quality comes first instead of luxury.

When it comes to building materials, many millennials are preferring to build with natural and upcycled materials to create  passive solar homes such as  Earthships, When they tend to live in the cities, you can find they use a variety of products to help conserve the earth’s natural resources within smaller housing projects with features such as eco-friendly decks..

Final Thoughts

Millennials seem to be killing luxury and shifting to a more eco-conscious lifestyle, and this is a trend that is fast growing. Expect this trend to continue in the years to come as more and more millennials are dominating the market and changing the concept of luxury.



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