I love a man in uniform


I love a man in uniform.  There is just something about a uniform that makes a man sexy.  Perhaps it’s the sense of power and authority that a uniform conveys.  Perhaps it’s that uniforms are so crisp and tidy looking; a man in uniform surely isn’t just another slob.  We’ve all known men who are slobs, and they all figure on our least-desirable list.

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What are some of your favorite uniforms?  Here are some of mine.

Probably the most popular uniform is the fireman’s.  Let’s face it, firemen are almost always strong and well built.  And they are handsome.  And firefighters are brave; that’s what firefighting is all about.  A fireman suit conveys bravery, the modern-day knight in shining armor coming to the rescue of the trapped maiden (and children and pets) inside the burning building.

Plus, firemen love to pose shirtless for charity calendars. Let’s face it, ladies – the less uniform they’re wearing, the better the uniform looks.

Next to firemen, police have the obvious uniforms that a lady loves.  Police are also brave, shooting it out with bandits and foiling terrorists, putting their lives in danger every day.  But their uniform conveys more than just bravery.  It gives a sense of authority.  A police officer is always in charge.

Like firemen, police are usually well-built.  They have to stay in shape, unless of course their beat is handing out parking tickets. Their bravery is only tested when Mrs. Belford sees them ticketing her car for parking in front of the fire hydrant again (She was probably hoping to meet a fireman up close, not a parking beat police officer).

Soldiers have smart uniforms.  And like police officers and firemen, they have to keep in shape.  Whether they are Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, as long as they are on our side, a soldier in uniform  is sexy.  The more ribbons, the better, and the hat adds a classy effect.  Yes, an officer definitely looks handsomer in uniform than a new recruit (although it always depends on the man in the uniform).

Am I repeating myself to say how much I enjoy the air of bravery and of official authority that comes with a uniform?  Take a soldier out of his uniform, and he’s nothing but…well, I’ll let you find that out for yourself.  😉

I would be remiss to not mention doctors.  Now some people don’t think doctors have particularly interesting uniforms.  After all, a white lab coat with a stethoscope hanging around one’s neck doesn’t compare to a soldier’s or a police officer’s uniform.

Of course, some doctors wear scrubs.  Many ladies look at these as flimsy overalls.  But there is always something exciting about meeting a doctor, and I like those uniforms.  A surgeon has to be very skilled with his hands, you know.

A lot of my friends like football players and the uniforms they wear.  We all know football players are strong and fast and manly, which makes them so attractive (as long as they take a shower first, very important!).  And they look so sexy.  We all know why.  It’s the extra padding they wear.  But knowing that there is extra padding doesn’t make them look any less sexy, does it?  Like when we give ourselves some extra lift so that the guys appreciate our cleavage, right?  It’s all part of the game.

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I love ballet dancer uniforms.  A ballet dancer has to be as strong as a fireman or a football player, especially in the legs, and their uniform shows off their muscles, probably better than any other uniform does.  And unlike football players, you know it’s not padding that makes them sexy.  At least, I hope that’s not padding  they’re packing.

In a category all by itself, is the chef’s uniform.  Crisp and sharp as that of a police officer or a soldier, the chef’s uniform conveys authority to some degree.  Even better, a crisp chef’s jacket  says: “Here stands a man who can cook!”  He’s not a slob and he can cook.  That is one special uniform.

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The classic man in uniform is the knight in shining armor.  Armor is not the most practical uniform, I admit.  But there is something attractive about a man willing to face a fire breathing dragon on my behalf.  Sadly, there aren’t too many knights in shining armor around these days, but if you can at least find a man in uniform, you’ll avoid ending up with a slob.  If he cook, bonus points!

Shelley Smith is still single.  And a single girl can have fantasies, right?

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