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Growing up I would go to friend’s houses and they would be frying things for dinner. I loved it so much. How quickly it was to make and how delicious it was. As I got older I use less and less fried food. I am not exactly a health nut, but I always try to make better choices. Not just for me, but for my children. NewAir has so many amazing products including the Magic Chef Air Fryer

That is right, you can fry with air. I had no idea until recently that was even a thing. Get all of your quick fried foods without the guilt. No added fat is a huge thing for me. I enjoy fried foods but all that grease is not the best part of it. So being able to throw something in and have it quickly without all the grease is a huge perk for me. 

The best part about the Magic Chef Air Fryer is that it is a perfect size. It is small enough to fit on your counter without taking up so much room. It also will prepare a whole meal for your entire family to enjoy or just a small snack. The size options are pretty much endless on that fact. 

NewAir has many options available even in many other products depending on your needs. The Air Fryer just happens to be a personal favorite of mine. Nothing like quick, delicious food that I can enjoy guilt-free. It also comes with a recipe book to give you even more options to enjoy. 

One thing I had to know was, how do you fry without oil? The Air Fryer is like a powerful convection oven that moves the hot air over the food and heats it up quickly. I found it fascinating, to be honest. I don’t have to worry about oil and my oldest can make herself healthy alternative snacks without having to worry about oil burns. 

If you are looking for an air fryer or something just as inventive be sure to check out NewAir! 

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3 years ago

Have heard of air fryer several times but never checked it out. I think I need to get one.

3 years ago

I keep hearing so much about air fryers and I’m intrigued! Crispy yet healthy foods not fried in oil! Mmm

3 years ago

I keep hearing so much about air fryers! A health way to fry without oil- I’m in!

Lavern Moore
Lavern Moore
3 years ago

I don’t own an air fryer yet but I’ve heard such great things and this review reinforces the good things I’ve heard.

3 years ago

I got my mom an air fryer for Mother’s Day. She loves it so much that I am thinking of getting one.

Sudip Saha
3 years ago

I have heard a lot about air fryers. They cut down the oil consumption by a large extent. Need to get one.

Kalyan Panja
3 years ago

Thanks for sharing about this nice air fryer and help everyone to make their homes look neat as well as prepare some crispy snacks easily after a long day.

3 years ago

This is wonderful especially if you love fried chicken but not the calories!

3 years ago

Air fryer has definitely brought a positive change in my family’s eating habits. We can now enjoy all the fried stuff without worrying about the excess oil!