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Everyone has heard of them, but few know much about them. Bedbugs are a bit of a taboo subject, but people should know more about them. Wouldn’t do well to have them and no idea how to rid of them. Plus if you don’t want to talk about it to anyone, you have to go searching for the information. PROOF has made it possible to get rid of them efficiently. 

Bed bugs are small, oval, flat bugs. They live by sucking on the blood of humans and animals. Within a year they can produce as many as 3 generations! They can grow pretty rapidly if you do not keep it in check. PROOF has products that can help if you find yourself in need of ridding your home of bedbugs. A spray and one that is a vapor treatment are available. 

One misconception of bed bugs is that they are only in your mattress. They can be found in electronics, couches, lamps, curtains, along with many other places they can be found. They roam on everything and that is why the vapor treatments are so effective. It penetrates deeply in the crevices of everything you own to kill them. They may not fly, but they move fast. That is why the vapors and the spray can be so effective. 

I have never had bed bugs myself, but with their infestations in homes on the rise, you need to be prepared. Why not have PROOF on your side if you ever need it. The spray and vapor treatments do have a distinct smell, but it will dissipate. The spray will go away when it dries and the vapor treatment will vanish once the treatment has been completed. I think a little smell is worth the effectiveness of these products. 

Let PROOF help you when you are feeling helpless with the infestation of Bed Bugs! 

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sabrina must

I’m terrified of getting bed bugs! Hopefully I never do… But this will surely be in my mind if it does happen. Thanks!

Lori Bosworth

I have never had bed bugs, but I used to work for a housing provider and several of the units did. They are very difficult to get rid of. I’m glad to hear that the Proof product works!

Mandi Morrison

Thanks for letting us know about Proof. It makes my itch just thinking about them, it wouldn’t hurt to treat all of our bedding.


I have never had bed bugs but knowing how to get them out of the house would be a top priority. I have always they’d just be in bedding or on cloth furniture. It amazes me that they can get inside electronics.

Liz Bayardelle

Argh! Bedbugs sound like such a nightmare. It was a huge thing when I lived in New York, but fortunately I never got them.

Claire Lee

I’ve never encountered bed bugs before in my stay, but I’ve heard guests taking photos of them when I used to work in a hotel. It’s really gross honestly!

David Elliott

I wouldn’t have thought about using the bed bug killer on household items. But I imagine it would be helpful for getting rid of the bed bugs as they can lodge themselves anywhere.


Ugh, bed bugs are the worst! We had a minor (we never actually saw them, just had some bites) in the very early days of their recurrence in NYC about 10 years ago. And I still check hotel beds today. Hopefully we’ll never get them again – but I’m glad I now know about this plant-based solution Proof!

Elizabeth O
Elizabeth O

Sounds like a good product. Great way to eliminate unwanted creepy crawlies.


Yes, bed bugs must be taken seriously. Happy to know there are products readily available in the markets. I remember my parents getting professional help to deal with bed bugs. Will check this out.