Moving Safety Tips in the Winter


New Hampshire winters can be quite brutal at times as the snow falls, and ice builds up on the ground. Though you may want to put off your move until the spring thaw, you don’t always have that choice. That’s why we compiled a list of tips for safe winter moves.

Protect Yourself

You wouldn’t walk outside to your car when heading to work after a snowstorm without first clearing a path, and you should do the same thing before moving. Invest in a good shovel that is large enough to remove the ice and snow from your sidewalk and driving way. If the ice refuses to move, put down a layer of salt to slowly melt that ice. Take a walk along the path that you or your movers will follow to make sure that it is as clean as possible. Bring along an emergency kit with you once you set off too. This kit should include flares, blankets and other items designed to help you stay warm on the road. 

Take Care of Your Pets

Nothing is scarier for a pet owner than when one of these little four-legged animals gets outside. When your pet makes a run for it during a winter move though, you may feel even worse. If your pets will be in your current home during your move, use kennels and cages to keep them away from all the action. You can put your pets in an already empty room or contact a boarding kennel to ask about boarding your pets until you’re ready to take them with you too.

Call Ahead

No matter where you’re moving, always make sure that you call ahead and arrange for the utility companies to turn on your water, electric and gas. This reduces the risk of the water freezing in your pipes before you get there. Frozen water can make the pipes burst and cause serious flood damage. This also lets you know that you will have the heat that you need once you make it to your new home.

Stay Informed

Staying informed is one of the best tips that you can use this winter during a move. Keep an eye on the weather while you remain in contact with your movers. You can talk about the problems associated with those weather conditions and whether you will face any delays because of ice on the roads or a snowstorm. Even the best movers may move a little slower because of traffic delays, icy road conditions or downed power lines in your area. 

In conclusion, we’d recommend finding professional movers Manchester NH that specialize in winter moves. This will keep you safe, reduce stress and provide peace of mind.

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You describe it perfectly. I am waiting for more.