Having Kids is Amazing. Having Kids is Hard.


It is a life changing experience, to say the least.  These little people will make you laugh, cry, want to freeze a perfect moment in time, and then in the next breath make you want to pull your hair out.  Our children pull a compassion out of us that we never knew was there.  We ache during their minor scrapes and we lay sleepless while they slumber. We worry about their future, their development, and their diets.  They worry about siblings playing with their toys, cry because they have to wear clothes in public, and tantrum because they can’t have ice cream for breakfast. The triumphs and simple joys of Motherhood are fulfilling, however the reality of it is very isolating.

Without initially realizing it you are now a member of a team.  Our jerseys can been seen everywhere.  They are covered in regurgitated milk and have the appearance of a crumpled old sheet.  It has that smell of a stale burp cloth and we all know how long that lingers… I try to put my best foot forward, however my best foot feels miles behind where it was pre motherhood. I now take pride in this look because these are my days.  I live with sleepless nights of multiple feedings, I live with projectile vomiting after my first shower in days, and I live with diaper explosions that defy the laws of physics. We share these experiences, but just as no two children are the same, no two moms are the same. I will never tell another mom what to do, our journeys our too unique. Motherhood requires that we rediscover ourselves, we need to find  our center in this chaos. I hope and pray that through my journey I can use my experiences to support another mom in need.


Kristin and I are two moms.  We know our pains and struggles and we empathize with yours.  A common bond that brought us together was our passion for honest information regarding women’s health. We both had the same frustrations with the medical field through our first pregnancies.  Prior to delivery everyone, not just my doctor, was very concerned with what went into my body. Them: “Eat this”, “take that, but not with this”, and the best “do you know what’s in that?” Me: “I understand and appreciate your concern, but my midwife has provided me with all that I need.” I had my prenatal with DHA, folic acid, and lutien, my liquid Iron, and my “digestive aid” (stool softener, gotta love that iron).   I took care of myself based on the plethora of reliable information that was available for pregnant women. I finally went through the magical 18 hours of my first labor.  Our beautiful baby boy Noah was placed in my arms and my journey of motherhood began. 


Our lives are never the same right?  We are now buried in car seats, diaper bags, sound machines, night lights, swings, and swaddling blankets.  After sorting out some sense of a routine I still didn’t feel like myself.  These hormones were different than anything I had experienced. My husband and family allowed me the support I needed so I could get the sleep and rest required, but I still  had never felt so tired.  I had so many things to be thankful and happy for but I struggled to find joy in any of them. I didn’t feel like I had myself back.  When I asked my doctor what I should be taking while breastfeeding I heard the same thing we all do, “Just keep taking your prenatal”.  So I did. I struggled for nearly a year to feel like myself again. It put a strain on my relationship with my husband and took away from me fully enjoying the first year of my baby’s life.

As time passed I began to get a handle on motherhood, at least to the best of my ability.  My husband and I decided we were ready to add another little one to our family.  I was determined to make this pregnancy and postpartum experience different.  I was not going to fall victim to my hormones again.  I was going to do everything in my power to take charge of my health.  This was my motivation and where the conversation with my friend Kristin began.  She had had her own frustrations and an eerily similar set of circumstances.  We began working together to research and navigate the world of supplements and homeopathic remedies.  There was nothing that we could find to meet our needs.  There was nothing on the market that was simple and straight forward.  If we couldn’t find what we needed to support our health we were going to make it.  It was here that Mother to Mother Nutrients was born. 


Kristin and I were focused and driven to create a supplement that delivers everything a new mom needs in just two small pills a day.  We formulated an amazing vitamin safe for moms and their nursing newborns.  Mother to Mother Nutrients Postnatal Vitamin is packed full of Omega 3s DHA and DPA, folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamin D, and lutien.  This makes our vitamin the perfect transition from your prenatal to our postnatal supplement.  The Omega 3s supply your body with incredible support.  The ingredients in our postnatal vitamin aid in the heart, brain, and bone health in you and your baby.  Along with this, our ingredients are linked to an increase in milk production, eye development in newborns, and an increase in mom’s hair and nail strength. Almost as important as having the right ingredients is keeping out the wrong ones.  The color is unique, we agree.  We were not going to fill it with yellow #5 for color or ensure a glossy finish with Titanium Dioxide. This supplement is for real moms that have real concerns about their health and the health of their nursing baby.


All these benefits come without having to swallow an enormous ‘horse pill’ or add a million different vitamins to your morning regimen. The quality of our product addresses the ‘fish burps’ that accompany so many other Omega 3 supplements that have saturated today’s vitamin market.  If you have a very sensitive dietary situation please contact us and we have tips for those with digestive issues. We love and stand by our postnatal vitamin because it delivers all you need simply and effectively. 

As a mom that is part of this team called motherhood I wear my jersey proudly.  I refuse to be passive in my journey and I’m thankful to be a part of yours. Here at Mother to Mother Nutrients we want to support you.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns. 


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