Last Minute Anniversary Gifts He’d Actually Love


We all know the trope: your wedding anniversary rolls around and the special man in your life completely forgets the special day. But it’s not just men that sometimes lose track of important occasions.

Whether you work out of the home or are a full-time mom, your life probably feels like a constant juggling act. Let’s face it: when you’ve got one kid crying, another pulling the cat’s tail and your man asking where his tie is, it’s not hard to forget an occasion, even one as special as your anniversary.

If this sounds like you, don’t panic! We’ve put together a list of four last-minute anniversary gifts he’ll actually love.

  1. A Night without the Kids

Once kids come into the picture, it’s not uncommon for date night to take a back seat. This anniversary, ship the little ones off to your parents’ house so you two can reconnect.

If money allows, take your husband to one of your favorite restaurants—perhaps a place you frequented while dating. Make sure to dress up and encourage your hubby to do the same.

This night is all about recapturing the sensual, stressful evenings you shared before the kids were born. After your meal, why not see a movie, then discuss the film over ice cream and a walk in the park? Want to cement the evening with something tangible? Check out these interesting anniversary gift ideas!

  1. A Day of Pampering

If you spend your days feeling overworked, the chances are, your man does too. For a present that won’t break the bank, treat him like a king for a day. That means waking him up with hearty breakfast (and maybe a little more), asking him how he’d like to spend the day and maybe finishing off your evening with some candles and his favorite home-cooked meal.

Who says a night in can’t be romantic? Bonus points if you can hire a babysitter to keep the kids busy. If not, they might even enjoy playing “Who wants to give Daddy a foot rub?” while you prepare dessert.

  1. An Evening with the Boys

As much as he loves your company, a night out with friends can be a rare luxury when you’re trying to juggle work and family life.

Let your hubby know that he’s got a free pass to go out with the lads next weekend, without any texts (no matter how tempting) asking when he’ll be home or if he’s drinking. When he comes home, we guarantee he’ll be in the mood to appreciate just how lucky he is to have a wife like you.

  1. A Special Show

Another thing that sometimes gets shoved aside when life gets busy is intimacy.

For an anniversary he’ll never forget, devote a night to reinvigorating your romantic life. Make sure the little ones are out of the way, then set the scene with candles and a sensual soundtrack.

Show your husband that you’re just as attracted to him as when you first met by getting dressed up in something fun and sexy. If you’re self-conscious about your post-baby body (trust us—he still can’t resist you!), choose flattering babydoll style lingerie that’ll highlight your favorite features.

Whether you choose to try something new or just stick to what you two do best, you’ll both end the night feeling loved, appreciated and looking forward to another 20 years waking up next to one another.

Forgetting your anniversary doesn’t have to be a huge drama. With these last minute anniversary gift ideas, he won’t have a clue that you slipped up. Enjoy your special day!


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