KontrolFreek Grips For Your Gamer This Holiday Season



KontrolFreek is amazing.


My husband loves KontrolFreek. He loves the grips that are available, and he already uses them on his controllers. He says, “These work so great.” I love that he is happy with KontrolFreek Grips, and more.

You really need to look into getting some grips for the gamer in your life. My son, age 5, also plays Xbox, but Joe, the husband, thinks he’ll benefit more from the grips. So, he uses them. I think I will go ahead and order Jacob, my son, his own for Christmas. I think he will benefit just as much as my husband does.

KontrolFreek has great products, just take a look at the site. You will benefit so much, just by seeing what they have to offer.


KontrolFreek® Grips™ are advanced controller grips that utilize a combination of advanced materials that give gamers better grip, support and comfort. Grips are easy to apply and can be repositioned and removed without leaving a sticky residue. Learn how to apply KontrolFreek Grips to your controller here.


Revive! is the second thumbstick in our extremely limited edition Perk-a-Cola series after last year’s Jugger-Nog. It was developed in collaboration with Call of Duty to meet the explicit demands of Call of Duty: Zombies and built to handle the intense hand-to-hand combat typical of the franchise.

The thumb sticks are so great too, according to my husband.  He says they are perfect for when Gaming for hours.  They keep his thumbs from sweating.

KontrolFreek even has a Buyer’s Guide.  You can go here, for pointers on which grips to buy.  This guide has helped me so much.  I know which grips to buy for which gaming systems.  And, having 3 gamers in my home (my husband, 5 year old, and 19 year old), the guide has really helped.  I will keep KontrolFreek bookmarked, so that I can get grips whenever the time is right.  And, now, at Christmas, is the best time to buy.

The price is perfect, and I love the product.  And, get Free Shipping Today Only!

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