Kitchen Design – Trends 2023


Working with space, radius sets and comfortable minimalism – we tell you what awaits us in fashionable kitchen design in 2023 and what styles will be relevant. 

No one will argue with the fact that trends change every year. But there is no point in doing repairs several times a year. This is an extra waste of time and money. In this article, we have collected the most striking trends that will set the tone for kitchen interiors for more than one season.

Single space 

You won’t surprise anyone with a combined kitchen-living room – the fashion trend has long passed into the category of classics. The concept of a single space within which you can cook, communicate with family or friends, work and relax is firmly established both in the minds of people and in the layouts of new apartments. More and more euro-twos and euro-threes are appearing – this is housing designed according to European canons, where the bedrooms are made small and isolated, and up to 50% of the area is allocated for a spacious kitchen-living room, where all life is in full swing.

Compact cooking zone

The lifestyle of a modern urban dweller, especially in metropolitan areas, is changing. Many processes are optimized, thus freeing up time for a career, self-development and communication with loved ones, including cooking. Someone uses the delivery of ready-made food, someone prefers to eat out. But the fact remains: on average, people cook less, and some even make only light breakfasts at home. Even families with small children often go to dinner in different establishments.

The design of the kitchen in the apartment also adapts to these changing needs. Massive structures that take up two walls completely are being replaced by compact corner or linear systems with two-burner stoves (on which a cast iron dutch oven fits perfectly), hidden storage (where one of stainless steel cookware sets and even a kitchen knife set can be at the same time) and a small work surface. Despite the compactness of this solution, this will not prevent you from delighting your loved ones and friends with delicious dishes according to your signature recipes.

Natural decor

Any décor that is somehow related to nature will look great in a modern kitchen in 2023. It will perfectly complement the general trend for environmental friendliness and closeness to nature, as well as unobtrusively add coziness and originality even to such strict and “cold” styles as minimalism or hi-tech.

To decorate the dining and working area fit: 

  • Ceramics, in particular handmade dishes. 
  • Clay vases or figurines. 
  • Fresh flowers, dried flowers, herbs. 
  • A beautifully designed mini-garden (for example, spicy herbs in identical pots). 
  • Dishes with fruits. 
  • Wooden boards and other accessories for cooking. 
  • Lamps with a straw lampshade.

Saturated colors

In 2023, more and more bright colors will be found in kitchen design. This is the very new trend of a sustainable trend for the naturalness of the palette, which is now actively developing.

No need to limit yourself to basic shades, the cooking area and cookware can be revived with rich shades, also peeped in nature. Choose not acidic, but soothing deep tones. Then even on a large area (for example, if it is a set or a whole wall), they will look harmonious and not annoying.

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