Kids and pets: what you should consider?


The culture of handling animals is formed from childhood, so when raising children, it is important to pay attention to this topic. Not only so that the child does not grow up as a flayer, but also for the sake of his safety and harmony in the family.

1. Justify your decisions

In almost every family, a situation arises when a child begins to endlessly beg: “Maaam, daaaad, I want a kitten.” At such moments, they can promise you everything: wash the dishes every day, take care of the animal, study well, and tidy up the room.

Have a serious talk with your child. If you can’t get a pet, then explain why. You can’t say no just because you don’t want to mess around with a kitten or puppy. But even if you have long dreamed of a new family member, do not give in immediately. Explain to the child that you need to prepare for this event. That you first need to study special literature, find a veterinary clinic nearby, learn about vaccinations and nutrition, and purchase bowls, a couch, a collar, or a scratching post.

If a child brings an animal home, do not punish him. Praise him for showing compassion. Try to find a new home for the animal, permanent or temporary. Let the child write the ads himself and hang them around the area. You can give an abandoned animal for a paid overexposure while reducing the cost of entertainment for a little rescuer. Let him realize that this is a serious act, and it is not worth bringing everyone in a row from the street.

2. Give preference to outbreds

Do not buy a puppy or kitten as a toy in the store. If you still decide to get a pet, take it from a shelter. Let your child become a witness not of commodity-market relations, but of the salvation of a defenseless creature. Animals from shelters become true friends and wonderful companions for games.

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3. Explain that animals are not things.

The younger the child, the more difficult it is to convince him not to pull the pet’s tail. But the child must understand that it is a living being. An animal should not be pestered if it is tired of communication and is trying to hide. Explain to the child that it hurts the dog if it is beaten and that if it sleeps, you should not jump on it.

And watch yourself. Don’t kick the animal if it’s blocking your path. Don’t yell at him or kick him off the couch if you normally let him be there. Do not neglect treatment and going to the veterinarian, take care of the pet’s comfort together with your child: choose a bed and toys, some special litter box, comb him and wash his paws.

4. Do not go to zoos and circuses with animals

Many countries have already banned traveling zoos and circuses with animals. Do not teach your child that it is normal to train animals with current, hunger, and whips. Circuses and zoos do not develop our children, animals are not created to be fun. Let the new generation have new values.

5. Remind about safety

Explain to your child that you should not get close to other people’s dogs and cats. You can not take food from them or make sudden movements, tease and swing. You should not climb to kittens and puppies, if their mother is nearby, she will protect the offspring. Explain that even the neighbor’s dog can be stroked by first asking permission from an adult, and only in his presence.

So, if you decided to take home a new animal, what you should consider?

Follow the rules of hygiene.

Elementary hygiene rules reduce the risks of diseases transmitted from animal to human to almost zero.

  • wash your hands after playing with animals and when in contact with a child;
  • do not let the baby play with hygiene items, toys, and other accessories of the animal;
  • do not allow the child to come into contact with feces.

2. Vaccinate a pet

To avoid rabies and other diseases, vaccinate your pet regularly and visit the veterinarian. Rabies vaccination is given once a year.

3. We carry out prevention from fleas and worms.

Prevent worms, fleas, and ticks.

Flea and tick drops are applied every 3 weeks during the warm period, and once every 4 weeks during the cold period. You can get away from worms with drops at the withers, suspensions, or tablets once a quarter.

These are the basic medical processes that should be done for the animal, but now you also have the possibility for far more processes, like for example cat genetic testing.

An interesting fact: in families where there are animals, children suffer from allergies many times less often. Doctors believe that this is due to the functioning of the immune system. So, the researchers took an analysis of saliva for immunoglobulin and found that its level is much higher in those who had a four-legged friend at home.

4. Do not allow stress on the animal.

What many owners mistake for pet jealousy is actually stress.

Neither a cat nor a dog goes to the toilet in the wrong places out of jealousy!

This is a manifestation of stress, which is caused by a sharp change in family life after.

Animal psychologists advise refusing punishment, not ignoring a four-legged friend, and creating a calm atmosphere in the house.

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Benefits for children

The benefits of an animal for a child can not be overestimated. Communication with a furry friend teaches the little man to responsibility and discipline, helps to deal with stress, teaches him to establish social contacts, and increases his self-esteem and ability to empathize.

In addition, outdoor games with a pet contribute to the early physical development of the child. And gentle strokes of fluffy fur develop motor skills.

There is even a special direction in medicine – “pet therapy“, which is based on the treatment of children with the help of animals.

If you adhere to prevention methods, vaccinate and deworm animals, and follow the rules of hygiene, you are not afraid of diseases, and communication with furry friends will only benefit you and your baby!

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Cat Care
1 year ago

So, how do we explain this relatively recent phenomenon of dogs becoming not just our best friend, but our constant companion (when they are allowed to be)?

Rebecca B
1 year ago

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