Kia Cerato vs Toyota Corolla Altis


The Kia Cerato and Toyota Corolla Altis are the recent additions to the Asian C-segment vehicles for now. They are good-looking and have had extensive design elements integrated into the cars to pull buyers into the purchase. Even so, there is a lot of money at play here, and buyers want to know more than just the car looks. This price design alone will not sway a buyer, so we need to look at each of the car’s attributes and go beyond the superficial looks.

That said, after extensive reviews of both great-looking vehicles, we find that the Kia Cerato and the Toyota Corolla Altis are very similar. However, people who study the cars in detail will see a few differences that could ultimately influence your decision. They both are small family cars with 4-door design and front-wheel drive systems. But both vehicles differ when it comes to the engines they have. The Kia has a Hyundai powertrain four-cylinder 16 valve 105 hp engine. The Toyota has a four-cylinder 16 valve 110 hp engine made by Toyota.

How Do They Stack Up for Safety

According to the Euro NCAP tests, both cars did exceedingly well, but the Toyota was a little more resistant and given a better score. Although the Kia Cerato is tested to have 3% more metal safety strength than the Toyota.

Which is More Reliable?

Toyota has always had a higher rating than Kia, but in this model, consumers give a rating of 4.6 for reliability and a 4.7 to the Toyota. So again, the difference is minimal here. Most buyers of the KIA rank it as a 5.0 overall, and the same holds for the Toyota.

How Do They Stand When It Comes to Performance?

Consumers find the Toyota more agile and faster to gain speed, going as fast as 100km faster than the KIA. In addition, the Toyota accelerates to 190 kilometers which gives us a 4-kilometer difference with the KIA. As far as fuel usage, both cars perform about the same.


Both cars have leather seats and live up to passenger comfort needs. The only difference is that the KIA Cerato is slightly softer than the Toyota Corolla Altis. However, the Altis seats are wider than those of the Cerato.

Noise vibration is also better in the Altis because the engine is quieter, and the Altis seems to absorb bumps better than the Cerato.

All in All

After reading up on the Toyota Corolla Altis and analyzing the Kia Cerato reviews, we believe the difference seems very marginal and really is a matter of taste. The choice comes down to the car the consumer likes the most. Some consumers are Toyota lovers, while others enjoy the look and style of the KIA.

Toyota has always been known to offer better protection and takes the lead in the automotive market, but KIA is not far behind. The truth is that both cars are too similar to come up with a choice. So your best bet is to choose the car you like best as they are both similar in safety, reliability, performance and comfort.

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