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Many of you including myself may not know about InterHealthUSA or may have never heard of this company before. So let me introduce you to InterHealth and share with you exactly what they do. You see InterHealth is a company that focuses on providing products with research-backed benefits for joint health, sports nutrition, weight management, cardiovascular health, blood sugar control and mood health.


I can still hear you stating how can I benefit from this company and what products do they have that would target my health. Well let me say InterHealth has a wide selection of supplements they create and distribute that may improve your quality of life. InterHealth Nutraceuticals specializes in researching, developing, marketing and distributing proprietary branded nutraceutical ingredients. InterHealth ingredients are sold worldwide to manufacturers of dietary supplements and functional foods & beverages. The company’s success is earmarked by high-quality ingredients, thorough research program, outstanding customer service and powerful co-branding marketing strategy.

InterHealth supplement brands can help maintain your health in many areas like:

Joint Health    

Weight Management    

Mood Health    

Sports Nutrition

Blood Sugar Health    

Cardiovascular Health and many others.

I’ve read so much about weight loss supplements that to be honest I’m a little turned off about moving forward. So many claim this and claim that but my success has been neither good nor bad to be honest.

I had a chance to read about LOWAT® and you know what, I just might give this one a try. I really need to find a good supplement to help me maintain my weight loss in a healthy way. You see LOWAT® is a proprietary weight-loss blend that is supported by a peer-reviewed, published, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. This unique Ayurvedic blend of Piper betle leaf & Dolichos biflorus seed extracts has a unique mechanism and is popular in many countries. Because it not a stimulant, it can be used safely at any time of day.

I can remember learning about the Piper betle leaf years ago, I know it’s a plant that is a Piperaceae plant indigenous throughout the Indian Malay region. It is also being cultivated in Madagascar, Bourbon and the West Indies. It is a climbing shrub trained on poles or tall trees as a branching vine. It is generally too tender to grow outside of the tropics. Piper betle has thousands of years of history in traditional Ayurvedic medicine as treatment for diabetes, cough, digestion and many other ailments (Glossary of Indian Medicinal Plants, pp. 195, 1996). Now as for the Dolichos biflorus which is popularly known as horse gram, it has value both as food and fodder.

Lowat_bottom_BASESo I can see why LOWAT® would offer better results in weight loss, it helps with over 2 Times More Weight Loss compared to Placebo, you can lose 9 pounds in 8 weeks and reduce 17% Ghrelin compared to Placebo. I’m really interested in this supplement


Oh and don’t worry Interhealth even have a supplement for those bad joint days, you know the days when your body joints just seem to ache and not want to cooperate! Wow, I definitely know that feeling with my back. InterHealth has a supplement called UC-ll® which is a healthy joint supplement for better flexibility and mobility. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m ready to take control of my life with InterHealth products. How about you?


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