Interesting Games You Can Play on a Family Day Out


Playing games is a fun and interactive way for families to spend time together on a day out. Families can play many interesting games together, whether it’s an outdoor activity like a scavenger hunt or an indoor board game. These games not only provide entertainment and laughter but also create opportunities for bonding and communication.

Some Interesting Games

Playing games lets family members learn more about each other’s likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and even their sense of humor. Here’s a list of some exciting games:

     1. Flipsimu

           Flipsimu is a fun game that the whole family can play during outings. Here’s how to play:

  • Find an open area, such as a park or backyard, to lay out the sheet or blanket.
  • Use markers or tape to create different sections on the sheet. You can create as many sections as you want and make them different shapes and sizes. Each section should have a point value written in it.
  • Players take turns tossing the ball or beanbag onto the sheet. The section where the ball lands determine the player’s score for that turn. If the ball lands on a line between two sections, the player can choose which section to count the score towards.
  • After each player takes a turn, add the points for each player. The player with the highest score after a set number of rounds (usually 5-10) wins the game.

    2. Scavenger Hunt

           A scavenger hunt is a great way to entertain everyone in the family. Here are some ideas for a                        scavenger hunt game for family outings:

  • Create a list of items for each person to find along the way, such as a red flower, a white rock, a bird feather, a piece of trash to throw away, and a picture of a specific landmark.
  • Have each person collect one item from each category and take a photo of themselves with the item.
  • Set a time limit for the scavenger hunt; whoever collects all the items and takes all the photos first wins the game.
  • Add some challenges along the way, such as performing a silly dance or singing a song at a specific location.
  • Make sure to include some physical activities in the scavenger hunt, such as climbing a tree or crossing a stream.
  • To make it more interesting, you can create a theme for the scavenger hunt, such as a nature-themed scavenger hunt, where all the items are related to nature.

     3. Balloon Volleyball

            Balloon Volleyball is a great game for a family day out, and it’s easy to set up and play. Here’s how to             get started:

  • Divide your family into two teams.
  • Set up the net or rope in an open area with plenty of room to play.
  • Inflate the balloon and use it as the volleyball.
  • Start the game by having one team serve the balloon to the other side of the net. Then, the opposing team must return the balloon without letting it touch the ground.
  • One team will get points when the other’s team balloon touches the ground.
  • Keep playing until one team reaches a predetermined number of points (e.g. 10 points).

     4. Charades

           Charades is a great game to play with family and friends, and it’s perfect for a day out. Here are                       some steps to help you organize a fun and entertaining charades game:

  • Decide on a theme for your charades game. Some popular themes include movies, TV shows, books, famous people, animals, and sports.
  • Divide the group into two or more teams. Each team should have at least two players, but it’s best to have three or more players per team.
  • Create a list of words or phrases based on your chosen theme. You can do this in advance or on the spot, depending on how much time you have.
  • Decide on a time limit for each round. For example, two minutes is a good amount of time for each round.
  • Flip a coin or use another method to decide which team goes first.
  • The first team player chooses a word or phrase from the list and acts it out without speaking. The other members of the team will try to guess that.
  • Keep score of how many words or phrases each team guesses correctly. After each round, switch to the next team and repeat the process.

      5. Pictionary

            Pictionary is a classic game that’s perfect for a family day out.  To play it you need to- 

  • Split the family into two teams. You can decide how many people are on each team based on how many people are playing.
  • Choose a word or phrase that one team will have to draw for the other team to guess. You can use a Pictionary card or come up with your own ideas.
  • The person who is drawing will have one minute to draw the word or phrase while their team tries to guess. After that, they can use any kind of drawing materials like paper and pencil, whiteboard and markers, or a tablet.
  • When the team finds the correct answer, they will get a point for one right answer. If neither team guesses correctly, no points are awarded.
  • Then it’s the other team’s turn to draw and guess.
  • Keep playing until one team reaches a predetermined number of points, such as 10 or 20.
  • If you want to make the game more challenging, you can add a rule where the person drawing cannot speak or use any letters or numbers in their drawing.

     6. Three-Legged Race

            Three-Legged Race is a fun and exciting game that families can play during a day out. Here’s how                    you can set it up:

  • Divide the participants into teams of two.
  • Tie the right leg of one team member to the left portion of the other team member using a rope or ribbon. Repeat with all the teams.
  • Mark the starting point and the finishing line of the race course.
  • Ask each team to line up at the starting point.
  • Each team should hop or run together with their tied legs toward the finish line when the race begins. If one team member falls or loses balance, the other member should help them up and continue the race together.
  • In this way, the team which crosses the finish line first will win the race.

     7. Frisbee Golf

            Frisbee Golf, also known as Disc Golf, is a fun outdoor game that the whole family can enjoy.                            Here are some steps to plan a Frisbee Golf game for a family day out:

  • Look for a local Frisbee Golf course in your area. You can find courses through online directories, social media groups, or through your local parks and recreation department.
  • You will need at least one Frisbee per player, and it is recommended to have several discs of different sizes and weights. You can purchase Frisbees at sporting goods stores or online.
  • Before starting the game, it is essential to establish the rules. Determine the number of holes you will play, the order of players, and the scoring system.
  • Divide the family into teams or play individually, depending on the number of players.
  • Begin playing Frisbee Golf by tossing the Frisbee from the tee box toward the basket. The game aims to throw the Frisbee in the basket using the fewest throws possible.
  • Keep track of each player’s score, and the player with the lowest score at the end of the game wins.
  • Bring snacks and water to keep everyone hydrated and energized throughout the game.

     8. Tug of War

  • Tug of War is an excellent game for a family day out! Here are some guidelines for organizing a successful Tug of War game:
  • Ensure you have enough space to set up the rope and have plenty of room for the teams to pull. A grassy area or a beach are great locations.
  • You will need a long, sturdy rope that can handle the weight and force of both teams pulling on it. You can find Tug of War ropes at most sports stores or online.
  • You need two teams with the same number of participants to play this game. Make sure the teams are evenly matched in terms of age and strength.
  • Mark the center of the rope with a piece of brightly colored tape or a bandana. This will help ensure the teams start the game in the right position.
  • Explain the rules of the game to both teams. Make sure everyone understands the rules and the importance of safety.
  • Once the teams are in position and the rope is taut, the game can begin. The goal is to pull the rope so that the center marker crosses the team’s side of the playing field.
  • Once a team wins, celebrate their victory! Of course, you can switch up the teams and play again for another Tug of War fun round.


Whether it’s a competitive game that brings out everyone’s competitive spirit or a cooperative game that requires teamwork and collaboration, there is a game for every family to enjoy. So, next time you plan a family day out, consider adding some games to your itinerary and watch how they bring your family closer together.

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