Can Respite Care Help My Family?


When old age catches up with your loved ones or when they battle terminal conditions, you may automatically become their caregiver. To ensure that they remain comfortable and well-catered to, you will pay extra attention to their needs and provide assistance whenever they need it.

Needless to say, caring for your loved one can be stressful and demanding. And in the process, it is natural to forget about your own needs. Consequently, this can take a toll on your overall health.

As you do your best to cater to your loved one, you should also be catered to.

This is where respite care comes in.

What Is Respite Care?

This is a service that provides assistance and support to caregivers in the family. The service aims to relieve you of your caregiver duties so that you can get some much-needed rest and recharge your battery.

Usually, this type of care can last for an hour to weeks at a time. In other words, respite care is support for a caregiver.

Can Respite Care Help My Family?

Respite care provides benefits to you as a caregiver and your family at large. Remember, taking a little bit of time away from constant caregiving responsibilities will leave you feeling refreshed.

 While this is important for you as an individual, here is how respite care can help your family:

  1.   Reduces stress for the family and leads to greater levels of patience

Even the strongest family bonds can be stressed by ongoing care, especially when the division of labor is lopsided.

By leaving short term caregiving to professionals, the stress levels on the family is automatically reduced and the patience to deal with the situation fostered among family members. 

  1.   Relieves feelings of frustration

Many families find the changes that come with an ill loved one frustrating and difficult to handle. After all, we all try to fight against negative changes that occur in our lives. 

When dealing with an aging or sick family member, confusion and uncertainty take over, leaving the entire family feeling helpless and frustrated. 

However, with respite care, family members can take a step back, make useful changes in their daily schedules, and come up with the best ways on how to take care of their loved ones. 

This kind of planning will leave family members with some degree of normalcy in their lives. With this care, families can also spend time together while knowing that their loved one is well-cared for. Ultimately, this strengthens family bonds.

  1.   Promotes interaction among the family

To decide on respite care services, family members need to come together and evaluate the significance of the care and what they can do to help the situation. 

This promotes conversations among family members and brings them together in one accord. By sharing their day to day caregiving experiences, family members are able to grow their bonds, welcome different viewpoints, and accept imitations. 

They offer each other support when they need it the most.

  1.   Improves overall relationships

When family members have to come together and interact then they do not harbor any negative feelings towards each other. 

This is because they come up with ways to work together, respect each other’s schedules, and make the right decisions that will help in catering for their loved ones.

 In this process, any strained relationships are mended and family members remember their love for each other.

Saying Yes To Respite Care

Granted, seeking help where caring for your loved one is concerned, is never an easy step. While your family may feel that the daily caregiving routine is too complex to explain to someone else or you may start feeling adequate, a little help always goes a long way.

The reality is that no one else will offer the same love that you and your entire family offer but finding the best alternative will allow you highly appreciated family time as you go through this journey. 

There is nothing abnormal about needing a break. A little time off is not only vital to your health but overall well-being. Taking advantage of respite care will help you carve out time for yourself and or enjoy family bonding experiences.


Remember, planning for respite care begins with understanding your loved one’s needs and that of your family at large.

 Ask yourself what you need most- is it support, regular free time, or a little help transporting your loved one to and from the hospital? 

Either way, when you understand what you need from this kind of care, then you will find the right caregivers for you and take advantage of the family time that presents itself.

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7 months ago

Very helpful information!

Weight Loss
6 months ago

When I can’t be bothered I usually just go and put on my running stuff anyway. You feel like a dick pretty quickly if you change out of running stuff without actually going running.I like listening to audiobooks to keep me motivated while running.

Melissa Andrews
6 months ago

I’ve always considered caregivers modern-day heroes, especially those that do it to help their family. I totally agree that respite care can help them catch their breath after some time of providing care for their loved one, which, admittedly, can get real stressful.

3 months ago

I always suggest the caregivers because they plays a vital role in your life. They set their your routine work plane and always guide you what is necessary to your health.

2 months ago

I totally agree that respite care can help them catch their breath after some time of providing care for their loved one, which, admittedly, can get real stressful.