Creative Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Family


Balancing the different aspects of your life including work, friends, and family can be a challenge for anybody. After all, how can a person hope to socialize when they’re stuck in an office for hours on end and only get out when it’s already dark outside. However, finding time to strengthen your bonds with your loved ones and friends is incredibly important.

All members of a family should strive to spend time together to make the most of the time they have. Finding unique ways to bond with those around you can lead you to feeling happier and content. 

Is Quality Time Really All That Important? 

It should come as no surprise that socializing with others is an extremely important aspect of life, but you may not be aware that it has effects on a person’s physical and mental health. Research has found that how we socialize with others actually trains our brains and sets expectations. 

Going further, there is evidence to suggest that socializing with others can reduce the likelihood of dementia by keeping our minds sharper, while also building bonds with others through shared experiences. These bonds strengthen friendships and connections with loved ones that make us feel content and satisfied. 

So, if you’ve ever felt dejected or sad and believed the cause was weakening connections with those around you, you might be right. To that end, it’s crucial to learn the different ways you can bond with your family to avoid these effects and to nurture positive relationships.  

10 Unique Ways to Bond with Your Family 

The biggest determining factor for whether or not a person will be able to bond with their family more is simply if they have the patience to do so. It requires being able to set aside work and reprioritizing relationships in your life. Doing so can lead to a more fulfilled life. In fact, those with five or more strong bonds are 60% happier than others, which is all the more reason to emphasis building your connections. 

Should you believe this is something you’re capable of doing, utilize the following 10 tips to start feeling closer with your family today: 

  • Make a meal together, even if it’s inedible!

Something as simply as cooking a meal with your family can be an excellent bonding activity. Put one of your family members on chopping duty, another on watching the food cook, and another on preparing the toppings, as an example. 

Shared activities are a great way to build memories and tighten bonds with those around you. Even if the food you eat is completely inedible, you will still have the amazing memories and laughter that you all shared during the process. 

  • Build something together

Nothing brings people together quite like solving a common task. Rather than delegating furniture building to your kids as a chore, consider sitting down with them and working to construct it together. The shared frustration from horrible manufacturing jobs and the shared glee at finally getting everything together is a great way to bond. 

  • Start a goal together 

Simply picking a goal you and another family member want to work on together can be great bonding. Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or a goal in the middle of the year, your family member can act as your coach who keeps you on track anytime you lose motivation. 

  • Pick a day once a week for dedicated family time

All families should have at least one day a week where a set amount of time is dedicated to just the family hanging out. You don’t even need to be doing anything beyond sitting in a room and talking, so long as every member of the family is there and engaged with the others. 

  • Show interest in your family members’ interests

One of the best ways to build bonds with your other family members is to show interest in their activities. While their interests may not align with your own, you are showing an interest in theirs which will help to build a bond. For example, if your child loves looking up trending popular names from social media that celebrities name their kids, consider chatting with them about it to learn why they’re interested. 

  • Share household chores together

Doing chores together, rather than delegating all of them to your kids, is an excellent way to show that a house is maintained by everybody. Your kids are also less likely to complain if they see you putting in just as much effort as they are. 

  • Create a family tradition that will last years

Family traditions often give kids memories that they can remember fondly long into adulthood. Whether it’s going to the beach on the weekends, finding a favorite vacation spot, having Taco Tuesdays, or anything else, a family tradition is an excellent way to bond. 

  • Get active together with your family

Getting outside and exercising with your family may not sound like a bonding activity, but it very much is. Whether it’s running, walking, or playing a sport together, getting active is a great way to also spend quality time together. 

  • Take family time-outs from technology

Technology has a number of benefits and has allowed for great developments in society. However, it’s important to take a time-out every once in a while, to avoid becoming attached to technology. Set time aside for your family to be together with no technology present so that you can just enjoy each other’s company. 


  1. Just be present

Finally, one of the best ways to spend quality time with your family is to just try to be present. Life can be busy, which everybody understands, but simply showing up to that little league game or taking the time to chat with your kid about their day at school can make all the difference in the world. 

Grow your family bond today

Humans are social creatures. Simply being there and being present with your family members is an excellent first step towards strengthening your connections. However, effectively building your familial bonds requires patience, time, and effort. Seek out new ways to become involved in activities or interests with your family so that they see you are making an effort.

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