Impressive Benefits Offered by Red Light Therapy


The word “photobiomodulation” is intimidating. However, this long, official-looking word refers to something that’s more well-known: red light therapy.

With this process, certain wavelengths of light are used to penetrate through the skin. They are absorbed at depths of eight to ten millimeters. What this means is that the red light can reach virtually all skin layers, the lymph system, and blood vessels.

Even more impressive is that with this level of penetration, it’s possible to achieve a therapeutic impact on metabolic processes and cells. After being absorbed into your body, the energy from the light is transformed into cellular energy. Pretty impressive, right?

Red light therapy means that it’s possible to achieve a therapeutic impact on the cells through certain wavelengths of light

While all that may sound great, you could still wonder what type of specific benefits red light therapy offers. If that’s the case, keep reading.

Improved Skin

Near and red infrared light help stimulate collagen production, which helps with the fullness, firmness, and elasticity of your skin. As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen is also responsible for many things, such as the ability your connective tissue must hold everything in its proper place, the strength of hair, and overall skin elasticity.

Even though collagen is helpful for your entire body, its biggest benefit is to the skin. That’s because as you get older, the outermost layer of your skin (the epidermis) loses elasticity and it becomes thinner. With red light therapy, you can restore proper cell function, increasing collagen production, and enhance tone while smoothing wrinkles.

Other skin-related benefits offered by red light therapy include the stimulation of growth for new skin cells, protection against damage, helps with the healing of skin issues, and helps improve acne.

Fat Loss

Another benefit offered by red light therapy is its effect on fat and body contouring. Put simply, most researchers agree that red light therapy affects the adipocytes, which are the cells that store body fat, resulting in the way lipids disperse.

Increased Testosterone Levels in Men

Some studies have actually provided support to the idea that if you expose the testes or the torso to light, it increases testosterone in men. It’s important to use the correct device that is able to emit the proper wavelengths without heat.

The hormone testosterone is present in all people; however, women don’t produce as much as men. During puberty, the amount of testosterone in men increases, and then is reduced after the age of 30. While this is normal, it can affect sexual function, result in reduced muscle, an increase in fat, and reduced energy.

While red light therapy can help to increase testosterone, it can also be boosted by getting the proper amount of sleep, eating a balanced diet, and reducing stress.

Hair Growth

In 11 studies involving 680 people (both men and women), nine out of the 11 assessed hair count and density. It was found that there were significant improvements for both women and men after they underwent the red light treatment.

Some of the other benefits offered by this therapy include improved health of your thyroid gland, improved arthritis symptoms, reduced joint pain, wound healing, fading of stretch marks and scars, and muscle tissue repair.

The fact is, red light therapy has a lot of benefits to offer to improve your body and health

Is Red Light Therapy Right for You?

The fact is, red light therapy has a lot of benefits to offer, as seen here. It’s a good idea to try the treatment before ruling it out completely. The good news is, people can actually find the red light devices to use at home and to achieve the benefits listed here. They can also schedule professional service, if preferred when seeking this treatment.

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