Ideal Birthday Gifts for Your Teenagers


It is a fact that teenagers are notoriously difficult to buy for on their birthdays. Their tastes change seemingly on a weekly basis, and keeping up with their likes and dislikes can be an exhausting task. Here is a brief selection of gifts that are likely to please your teenage children as they go through their formative years of development. Clearly, tech plays a big part in this list in today’s world, but other options are more traditional.

For your teenager approaching their college years

Your teenagers last birthday before they set sail to college is an ideal opportunity to kit them out for what lies ahead while still getting them a present they will love. All teenagers who are approaching college age will need a college students computer to assist them with their research and studies. If your teenager is an avid gamer as well as a promising student, you can combine both by choosing a college computer that has a powerful enough graphics card and processor to handle modern gaming as well as academic work. This is one gift that will certainly bring a smile to your teenager’s face! If they are already kitted out with a suitable college computer and are keen music fans, why not consider a voice-activated speaker system. A lot of students love to listen to music as they study, and such a device will be ideal, along with a music subscription to a music streaming service.

For younger teenagers

If your teenager is some years from taking the leap into higher education and you want them to get out more with their friends instead of being stuck indoors, why not consider getting them a new bike. While the bike has been around for generations, it still makes for an excellent gift if you do not want to go down a tech route with your purchasing options. Modern bikes are lightweight, and most ranges have either front or dual suspension to smooth out the bumps in the road or pathways. One key consideration if you decide on a new bike is making sure you get your child a suitable helmet. Here are a selection of some of the safest helmets on the market that still look cool enough to ensure that your child wears them.

For the budding artist

Around the time of their teenager years, a lot of children start to get more interested in the world of art. There are some great options to consider in this area. For example, if your child is keen on photography, consider buying them an instant camera. These cameras print their pictures instantly and do not require the use of an additional printer. Great for young creatives on the go! Conversely, if your teenager is showing a desire to get into playing music, their teenage years is a wonderful time to see if they would like their first electric guitar. There are an enormous range of affordable starter guitar sets on the market today, and overall build quality at these lower price points is much improved from what it was a few decades ago. Finally, if your teenager loves drawing or painting, there are some great electronic drawing pads on the market today that will really fuel their creativity.

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gek kar
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