HVAC Installation Mistakes and How It Costs You


If you have plans of upgrading your HVAC system, you may be doing the necessary research to help you choose the best product on the market. After doing extensive research, you should also factor in how it should be installed to avoid any potential issues. 

Proper Installation Matters

You should enlist the help of a professional when installing a furnace or air conditioning unit, as it helps reduce service costs and increase lifespan. Experts are adept at understanding your equipment’s features and gauge your needs. As such, they can make the necessary adjustments that will allow the system to run smoothly. This results in less strain on its parts, doubling the lifespan of your HVAC. 

Having an expert carry out the installation helps in ensuring comfort and safety. These professionals can check if the design and diameter of ductwork and ventilation are appropriate for the unit. When installed by inexperienced workers, the system may experience temperature variance problems, carbon monoxide leakage, and humidity issues.

Common HVAC Installation Mistakes

Now that you know how important proper installation is, take note of these common mistakes, according to Accuserv:

Inappropriate Furnace Size

If you rely on your installer to recommend the appropriate size of your new heating and air-conditioning system, don’t commit the mistake of believing them when they say that getting a bigger furnace is better. Even if contractors don’t recommend a bigger one, you should be wary when they suggest getting the same size you currently have, as it may not be enough to sustain our current heating and air-conditioning needs, mainly if you have made home renovations. You have to make sure that they make the necessary calculations that will allow them to arrive at an appropriate recommendation.

Poor Duct System Design

One of the things that your installer should look into is the design of the duct system. It should be appropriate for your space and your system. Remember, the duct system is critical in ensuring that your HVAC works as it should. As such, its design should match the unit’s output capacity. It is pretty common for inexperienced installers to use the existing duct system for new equipment. In general, it should be changed to determine if there are no leaks and that it adequately complements the new HVAC system. 

Substandard Duct Installation

While some contractors would choose to install a new duct system, some may execute it poorly, using substandard materials, and having their inexperienced installers do the job. When this happens, there is a risk of installing the ducts inappropriately, making them prone to cracks and gaps. There can also be instances when the installer will use tapes to seal the ducts rather than permanent sealers. And this can affect your utility bills and contribute to the wear and tear of the system. 

Faulty Drainage Systems

Most HVAC systems today produce massive volumes of wastewater, which must be drained safely. When the drainage system is faulty, it can result in water damage, affecting the pipe system and cause the HVAC system to fail. When allowed to persist, water accumulation can cause molding and low air quality in your home. 

Wrong Exhaust System

You have to remember that your furnace system needs to have the right exhaust system to remove your home’s toxic gases. If the exhaust is not appropriate for the new HVAC, it can cause the fumes to back up and accumulate at high levels. If you allow it to persist, you’ll notice that your carbon monoxide detectors would go off. 

Don’t commit these mistakes to ensure that your HVAC system works properly to address your needs. 

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Sara Olsen
3 years ago

I couldn’t agree more! Air conditioning problems rarely occur at convenient times, these problems sometimes occur due to mistakes during installation.