How to Treat Yourself


Busy moms are often far too preoccupied with sorting out the kids, looking after the home, and working or running a business to have much time for themselves. Everyone else’s needs tend to take priority, leaving you with little time – and possibly money – to treat yourself. If this sounds like you, just stop and consider that you’re not being very fair to yourself. If you’ve worked hard and cared for your family, why shouldn’t you enjoy the odd indulgence now and then? You need to drop the mindset that you haven’t got time to treat yourself, because you deserve to get pampered and spoilt every once in a while, too.

Buying yourself a gift

That means something you want rather than need, so forget replacement vacuum cleaners or bed linen and think about buying yourself something like a new dress for a special night out, jewelry, a book you’ve always wanted, or a special pair of boots you’ve been admiring. This is your opportunity to choose yourself a present, and it means that instead of relying on anyone else to get you what you want, you are in control and can purchase items that are perfect for you. It’s always nice to receive gifts, and the Dan Brown novel and butterfly earrings you had for your birthday from your family were no doubt very much appreciated. But if you would have preferred the latest James Patterson to Dan Brown, or you discover you have a reaction to the metal in the earrings, it takes the shine off a little. When you treat yourself, you can avoid these issues and lose yourself with Mr Patterson’s latest tale of intrigue, or get yourself a hypoallergenic earring and necklace set.

Buying yourself an experience

An experience doesn’t have to involve a challenge or even need to cost much. You could book yourself a spa day, or if you’re on a budget, do your own spa day at home. Run a luxurious bubble bath, relax in the tub with a glass of something chilled and your new novel to hand, and enjoy having some time to yourself in peace. If you fancy something a bit more energetic, you could arrange to go for a walk or a cycle ride with a friend, stopping for lunch halfway at a nice bar or restaurant. How about a new hairstyle, or a new hair color? Having your hair done can be a treat in itself, but you could take it a bit further and make it a session to remember by making a change that gives you a confidence boost as well as being a pleasurable way to spend an afternoon.

Don’t feel guilty about allowing yourself a treat now and then. You need some time out and the opportunity to indulge your whims once in a while if you want to stay happy and keep stress levels under control. You’re doing yourself a favor by having a little of what you fancy every now and then, so get treating, and remember it’s for your own good!

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