7 Effective Ways on How To Make Your Children Parasite-Free


Intestinal worms are a dangerous infection that is often misinterpreted as another illness, and not a lot of people are aware of its symptoms, causes, or how to get rid of these relentless parasites, which worsens the case even more. What is worse is parasites often attack children, and because there is very little awareness surrounding the infection, a mother a can dismiss the complaints as non-important or wrongly medicates it.

There are plenty of remedies to get rid of these worms, but before rushing to get the appropriate remedy for your child, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with the symptoms and conditions that your child will go through if he/she is in fact experiencing intestinal worms. These symptoms include: weight loss, constant feeling of hunger, nausea, stomachache, loss of appetite, rash around the anal area, painful or frequent urination, perpetual coughing, changes in the sleeping pattern due to itchiness, blood in the stool or diarrhea, and anemia.

Children can easily get intestinal worms by contaminated water, unhygienic surroundings, infected soil, infected by other kids who have intestinal worms, undercooked or unclean vegetables and meats, and from infected animals.


It is vital that you consult your child’s doctor if you suspect that your child might have intestinal worms, so there is absolutely no need to take medications from someone else because that the medication might not work for your child. There are different forms of medication for children, so while syrup can work for a toddler it might not work with another.

There are a lot of websites that can keep you well informed and up to date. A good place to start would be https://microbeformulas.com/blogs/microbe-formulas/top-tips-for-parasite-prevention-what-to-avoid-and-where-not-to-go.

Usually tablets are consumed by children who have intestinal worms, again, it is better to ask your doctor for recommendations for medications, but here are some of the known medications:

1.  Pyrantel:

That is a medicine that is known to be safe for children to consume, and doctors often prescribe it for children to make them parasite free.

2.  Mebendazole:

That is another great medicine that is recommended by doctors, since this medication is known to treat not one, but many types of worm infections for children.

However, if you can’t get your hands on any medication right now, don’t panic. There are a variety of known home remedies that do just the trick, and they get rid of the parasites.

3.  Carrots:

Carrots are sweet and fun to eat, a lot of children like eating carrots exactly for these traits, so if your child happens to like carrots then give him a treat and also medicate him. Carrots are known to get rid of parasites because it boosts the immune system, which will help your kid to fight any sort of infection.  Eating carrots on an empty stomach is another way to get rid of the worms faster.

4.  Garlic

Raw garlic is known to have amino acids that have sulfur, which is destroying parasites immediately. Your kid can either have 3 cloves of raw garlic on an empty stomach or drink boiled milk with two garlic pods everyday.

5.  Coconut

The coconut is known for its resilient anti-parasitic traits; you can either use its oils or the fruit itself, whichever your child prefers. Your child can either eat a tablespoon of shredded coconut everyday for a week with breakfast, or your child can consume four-six spoons of coconut in the morning for a week. Not only will this help eliminate the parasites, but it will also give the immune system a great boost, and prevent any worm from infecting your kid again.

6.  Turmeric

Turmeric also directly gets rid of any kind of intestinal worm, all you have to do is have a warm cup of water, mix it with one spoon of turmeric, and that should be good enough. Repeat once everyday for five days, and your kid will feel better. If your child doesn’t like the taste, you can add one spoon of turmeric to buttermilk, and drink it once everyday for a week.

 Indian Lilac

Much like coconut, Indian Lilac or Neem is known for its anti-parasitic traits, which also eliminates any infection of any kind of parasite. All you have to do is mix ground neem with warm milk, and honey, and consume twice a week. For a faster process, you can mix ½ teaspoon of neem leaf paste with warm water and consume it on a healthy stomach, repeat daily for a week. For a fun way to get rid of these parasites you can roast neem leaves in processed butter and eat it with butter and bread.

Be Cautious

Children can be easily exposed to parasites for their environment; try to be aware of unhygienic areas, or dirty food to help shield your child from these worms. Make sure you know the symptoms, so if or when your child experiences them you will be aware and will find remedies to help. Check with your doctor for medications, and use home remedies as a back up for the medication to make sure those nasty worms are gone for good.


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