How to Treat a Toddler Wound Infection and When to Seek Treatment


Has your toddler had an oopsy? Considering 2-year-olds reach their peak activity, it’s common to find your child has scrapes and cuts. 

If your toddler has a wound infection in their cuts or scrapes it might be a cause for concern. What are your options and how can you help your toddler? Read on to explore this guide on how to treat a toddler’s wound infection from the comfort of your own home today. 

Signs of Wound Infection

You’ll want to click these ointment packets when there’s an infected wound. First, infected cuts can include puncture wounds, sutured wounds, cuts, and animal bites. It normally takes about 24-72 hours for a wound to become infected.

Signs of an infected burn wound or another wound can include a fever, swelling, increased pain, or redness. Look out for a break in the skin as well. 

When To Seek Treatment

If you notice drainage at the wound site, you’ll want to take your child to their doctor. Look out for pus or other fluids. 

It’s especially a problem if you notice a green or yellow color at the site. Watch out for blister-like fluid as well. 

For wounds that seem delayed with healing is another reason to seek treatment. If after a week or 2 it still doesn’t show improvements, then you’ll want to reach out to their doctor. Watch out for redness, streaking, or a fever as well. 

Cleaning the Wound

If there are any objects, don’t remove them on your own, contact a doctor or 911. First, wash your hands and use cool water to wash the wound. Use water and mild soap around the wound.

In order to stop the bleeding, apply gauze to the area and use pressure. Place another layer of gauze if it doesn’t stop bleeding. Apply pressure until it stops. 

Next, use an antibacterial ointment on the area. For minor wounds, you can let them heal with open air. 

Serious Wounds

If you take your child to a doctor, they might use stitches to connect the deeper layer of tissue underneath the skin. If they’re not dissolvable, then the doctor will remove them after about a week. 

For contaminated wounds, they might not close them. This is because contaminated wounds can trap bacteria leading to a worse infection. 

For certain wounds, they might not close up the wound. They’ll allow it to remain open in order to encourage natural scar formation. 

Follow the doctor’s instructions when it comes to wound care. They might give instructions on waiting to bathe again for a certain period of days, and keeping the wound clean. 

Treating a Wound Infection From the Comfort of Your Own Home

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of what to expect when it comes to healing wound infections. Take your time identifying whether you can help your child or if you should take them in to see their doctor.

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Every parent needs to know how to deal with the toddler wound infection. Normal kids wants to play here and there as their level of age and the milestones development process. These tips will be so helpful for preventing and treating the wound infections with the toddlers. That’s really great sharing.

2 years ago

Very important information for new parents. Children grow very quickly and sometimes it is associated with risks of injury. At the same time, parents may not even be aware of what exactly can cause injury to the child. Articles like this provide insight into things that aren’t obvious and possibly prevent silly injuries in toddlers.

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