How to Style Your Living Room Around Your Leather Lounge


Styling your living room around your leather lounge does not have to be a daunting task if you know where to start. 

You can begin by ensuring the surrounding décor blends in seamlessly with your incredible leather lounge. Going for an all-white or black theme can also help you create a living space you are proud to call home. 

Below are vital tips on how to style your living room around your leather lounge.

Move the Sofa Away From the Wall

The first thing you can do is to move your leather lounge away from the wall. You will be bringing it close to the surrounding décor when you do this. Besides, it will make an otherwise small room look bigger.

More Light Please

Adding more light to your leather lounge will help. Lighting will add more life to an otherwise dull lounge and room. You only need to place a white coffee table near the lounge to light it up. Throw in a few white or cream pillows to make it brighter.

Layer Around it

You can layer around your leather lounge to give it a stylish feel. Start by placing a console table and an end table around your chair. Adding living trees and using dynamic artwork will attract more attention to your lovely lounge.

Paint the Walls Around it

Painting the walls around your leather lounge will balance the visual weight to make it attractive and cozy. Moreover, you can use fresh flowers to complement the leather.

Add a Handwoven Leather Woven Leather Acapulco Chair

Adding a handwoven leather Acapulco chair will enhance style and functionality. With this chair, you will also make your room more homely and cool.

Use Decorative Accents

Adding a soft blanket and creamy accent pillows can make your living room stylish. Throwing in decorative accents here and there will make your lounge stand out. What is more, these accessories will make the furniture look beautiful. Some of the decorative pieces you can try to include are; an ottoman, accent chair, and a footstool. 

Create a Masculine Vibe

Use a leather sectional sofa to enhance the masculine edge. Also, you can add a brown leatherbutterfly chair to provide a contrasting shade. Add pillows, yellow curtains, and a wool rug to bring a more pleasant look. 

Break it Up

Breaking up the leather furniture is essential if you want to reduce your leather lounge’s visual weight. Make sure to create space for other types of upholstered chairs to avoid that matchy-matchylook. 

Color Pop

The secret to styling your lounge is to play around with colors. Add modern living room furniture such as a wingback chair that has a white backdrop. Combine it with settees or ottomans, and you are good to go. 

The Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian style aims at providing a modern feel to the living room. You can add features such as metal accents and patterns. If you have a black leather sofa, you can use throw pillows with bold colors. Proceed to place a metal candle stand near the table and add a wall art canvas to bring out the Scandinavian style. 


Your living room is the first place your guests interact with when they come into your home. Do not be afraid to experiment with bright colors when styling around your leather lounge. It doesn’t have to be all dark and gloom.

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