How to Score Freebies and Make Money from a Mommy Blog


Millions of people write a blog about their life, their family, and anything else they feel passionate about. As a hobby, blogging can be enormous fun. It can also be very cathartic if you have something to talk about and no audience there to listen to your rants. But is it possible to make money from a so-called ‘mommy blog’ or has that particular window of opportunity closed forever?

In the early days of blogging, lots of moms found enormous success. They wrote about their kids, their lives – general stuff – but soon discovered there was a huge audience out there, hanging on for new posts and eager to join in with the conversation. They also discovered it was possible to generate a decent income by way of judiciously placed banner ads and product placements in posts.

Today it isn’t so easy because most of us have become desensitized to online ads and conversion rates are therefore less than 0.1%. But you can still make money and score freebies if you are willing to put time and effort into building a blog.

Build a Blog

Setting up a blog is not difficult. Simply buy a domain name, pay for website hosting, and install WordPress or similar. Most website hosting companies already offer popular blogging platforms such as WordPress, so it really is a one-click process. Once you have your blog set up, it is time to start posting content.

Be Authentic!

Successful mommy blogs all have one thing in common: they are authentic. Content needs to be written from the heart. It doesn’t have to be family oriented, but it helps if you have a theme that links most of your posts together. Perhaps you have suffered from postpartum depression or one of your children is very challenging in the behavior department – write about your experiences and offer advice to others going through the same things. This will endear you to your readers and help you to build a solid readership.

Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews

Once you have a decent level of traffic to your blog, companies will begin to approach you to review a product in return for a freebie or request that you include some sponsored posts on your blog. Both will generate some income, but do make sure any posts you agree to include on your blog are suitable for your audience or it could cost you readers.

Leverage Your Readers

Another excellent way to make money from a mommy blog is to ask readers to sign up for email updates and then promote suitable products (such as an e-book) to the people on your email contact list. As long as what you are promoting adds value to their life and you don’t bombard them with messages, it is perfectly possible to generate a good income.

Blogging can easily be fitted in around life at home with small children, so use your time wisely and start building an online blogging business. It’s easier than you think!

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