How to Research and Choose the Perfect Seniors Care Facilities


In the U.S. alone, over 50 million people are seniors; that’s about 16.5% of the population. As baby boomers age, the population over 65 continues to grow. 

Whether you or your loved one are looking into seniors care facilities, it can be difficult to find the right option. Whether you need a little extra care or 24/7, these factors go into the decision-making process. 

While it might seem overwhelming to choose the right option, it doesn’t have to be. Read this guide on picking out the right senior care facility for you or your loved one today. 

Ask Questions During Tours

When you visit this retirement community, you’ll want to ask the staff member taking you on the tour questions. If possible, ask multiple staff members to find answers. 

See if they’ll allow you to speak with the chef, activity director, community director, etc. You might want to speak with a current resident in the retirement community. 

Ask the senior care options directors what they do to provide a clean and comfortable environment. Find out how often common areas and grounds are cleaned and maintained. 

Research if the facility has regular inspections. See what departments inspect them and what their most recent rating was. 

Access To On-site and Off-site Services

Find out if assessments on your health are performed before your admission there. Some assisted living locations will have a written plan of care and update it as necessary. 

See what conditions they help and have care available. Transportation might be available to take you or your loved one to doctor’s appointments. Wheelchair-friendly or staff-coordinated transportation might be a must. 

Entertaining Activities

Quality care and appropriate entertaining activities are both vital. Residents should be able to have a voice for suggestions on new clubs or activities. 

See if there are amenities such as a fitness center, barber shop, media center, etc. Check the calendar for a list of events. 

Many will have common spaces such as lounge areas, event halls, dining rooms, etc. If you’re into the outdoors, there might be courtyards, walking paths, etc. 

Planned Events

Trips to local galleries and museums, arts and craft classes, and even happy hours are fun events. A day trip to a musical would be a fun bonding activity for the residents. 

There might be exercise and wellness programs, hot tubs, and pools. Many will offer housekeeping, cooking, and laundry services. 

Your Budget

Consider your budget since some care facilities can be quite expensive. Pricing will also depend on additional care such as nursing homes, memory care, etc. 

Residential care facilities tend to be more affordable than an assisted living community. The extra price might be worth it if you get the necessary care. For example, an assisted living memory care community is best for those with dementia. 

If you have payment questions or concerns, you’ll want to know who to contact. The administrator should have this information available to speak with you. 

Location, Location, Location! 

As with any place, the location might increase the facility’s price. Ensure that it’s a location you and your family can easily travel to. 

A facility closer that you can visit regularly might be worth it. Then you can monitor the care they’re receiving. 

Read the reports of the location and facility. Schedule nursing home tours in advance and have your questions ready. 

Questions To Ask

If important to you, find out if all residents and staff members are fully vaccinated. Check out previous nursing home surveys to see their rating. 

Ask them how they provide diversity for all residents to feel comfortable and safe. Also, the facility might require an emergency button that residents have to press. 

Find out who you’ll contact if you have a problem with your family member’s care. Ask what staffing ratios are.

You can see staffing data for various facilities. This data could include certified nursing assistants, registered nurses, etc. This all ties into how they protect residents from outbreaks and other sicknesses. 

Lastly, see what the facility does if you or your loved one runs out of money. There might be residential safeguards in place. Check the information of your state’s long-term care ombudsman’s office. 

They’re advocates for residents of nursing homes and other facilities. You could also speak with financial experts regarding paying for long-term care. Lastly, find out how they prepare for natural and other disasters. 


Assisted living facilities tend to have smaller rooms, but they can still be private. They might have private rooms and bathrooms or have to share. As they age, they’d rather have privacy and their own space. 

Along with rooms, you want to find out what the staff does to prevent sores in the facility. Residents need to spend time out of their beds whenever possible. 

If they must be in bed, they need assistance with moving from side to side. Specialists need to perform gentle limb movements to avoid immobility. Along with this, find out how they prevent infections. 

How To Pick Seniors Care Facilities

This guide provides you with an overview of how to choose seniors care facilities. Take your time deciding what is a must for the facility and what’s a nice to have. 

Speak with the staff and see if your loved one feels comfortable with them and the other residents. Check out the amenities, pricing, and overall rating in surveys. 

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