How to Protect Your Home Against Burglary Bumping



Most homeowners don’t want to think about worst-case scenarios when it comes to home safety. But the reality is you should in order to take precautions before problems start.

Parents understand the basics of home security like locking doors, installing timers on lights, and even installing state-of-the-art home security systems. However, the National Crime and Prevention Council have detected a new burglary trend that is threatening neighborhood safety.

Burglary Bumping

This newer burglary technique is called bumping. It makes it easier for a burglar to enter a home instead of picking a lock. In order to pick a lock, a burglar would have to be skilled in manipulating a lock with small tools, such as pins.

But to break-in to a home by bumping, a bump key is the only tool that is required. A bump key is a filed down key that will fit into a large majority of home locks; even worse, there are a number of bumping how-to videos now circulating the Internet to teach amateur criminals how to use this break-in technique.

Bumping poses a serious problem when researching a break-in after filing a police report. Since a bump key is used, there are normally no signs of a physical break-in to the home. In some unfortunate instances, an insurance company may not cover a bumping break-in because they assume that a door in the home was left open, making it the homeowner’s fault.

Defense against Bumping

The first step to take to defend your home against this new burglary trend is to install premium locks. Most locks that are bumped are standard locks that come with a home. When a homeowner upgrades their locks, it makes it harder for a criminal to use a bump key to enter a home without any sign of forcible entry.

Just make sure to consult with a professional security company or locksmith for high-security locks that will resist forcible entry with a bump key.

In addition, upgrading your home security system to include features like automatic lights and cameras at the point of entry will allow you to catch any criminal in the act. In the event that your insurance company will not cover a break-in with a bump key, you can use video evidence to provide proof.

Remember; always lock your doors when away from home. Furthermore, teach your children beneficial safety tips such as how to trigger the alarm system. Although bumping is an alarming trend in neighborhoods across the US, you can easily protect your home and family by using the tips listed above. Making simple upgrades to your locks and home security system will provide the basic protection you need to make your home much less enticing to criminals.

Author: Sylvia is an online writer with a background in newspaper journalism. She enjoys writing about parenting, family lifestyles and home services, such as home security systems.

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