How To Prepare for a Sleep Study


Having a sleep disorder can wreak havoc on your life. When you don’t get enough sleep at night, midday fatigue can take over. It leads to lower performance in work or school, the need for extra sleep in the afternoon, irritability, and can even cause other health issues. A diagnosed sleep order can be treated and make for a better quality of life, but sleep medicine treatment in Middletown, NY, requires a sleep study first. If you have an appointment for one, here is how you can best prepare for it.

Pack a Bag

A sleep study requires you to pack a bag. It’s best to do this a few days prior. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to add to it in case you forget something. Start with a comfortable set of pajamas or a t-shirt and shorts. You’ll need a two-piece set to ensure the doctors can place the sensors on your body. If you get cold at night, you’ll also need a pair of socks. Remember to bring clothes for the next day as well.

Of course, you have other necessities as well. Remember your toiletries, including a hairdryer or any special hair products you use in the morning. You’ll also need your regular medication, a book or your favorite pillow to help you relax, and your sleep diary, if your doctor has asked you to keep one. If it applies to your situation, remember your CPAP machine, insurance cards, diabetic snacks, and portable oxygen.

Eat and Sleep Normally

Stick to your normal routine the night before and the day of the study. This means going to bed at your regular time and getting up when you normally do. Avoid sleeping in or taking afternoon naps. You’ll also need to avoid caffeine after noon, but be sure to eat a regular lunch and dinner. Do not drink any alcohol, even if it is part of your normal daily routine. If you smoke, you’ll need to have your last cigarette 2-3 hours before the sleep study begins.

Take a Shower

Finally, take a shower at home before your sleep study, making sure to wash your hair. Avoid using anything oily, such as bath oils, hair conditioners, or lotion-infused bath products. They will make your skin greasy and cause it to be harder for the sensors to stick. If you have artificial nails, you’ll need to remove at least one for the heartbeat sensor. Men who do not have permanent beards or mustaches should be clean-shaven.

Everybody’s sleep study will be a bit different. While these are the basics, your doctor may provide instructions that vary slightly depending on your specific needs. Be sure to follow his or her directions exactly to ensure your sleep study goes well.

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