How to Play Tabletop RPGs with Kids?


There are many tabletop games that are complex and can be tricky to navigate if you don’t understand them completely. It is advisable to start with the most basic RPGs that can be tackled easily, even by beginners playing for the first time. If you want to introduce this exciting game to your kids, then complete at least ten basic tabletop RPGs before moving to the more complex ones. There are other tips that you can follow to teach your kid tabletop RPGs effortlessly like:

1. Start with Lightweights and Then Move To Heavyweights

Lightweights are games that are especially designed for beginners who are playing for the first time. They don’t need much preparation and therefore are perfect for kids who are playing tabletop RPGs like those from Table Knight for the first time. There are a wide variety of lightweights that you can choose from and all of them are diverse in genres. Therefore, there is something for everyone. After you have mastered lightweights, it is time to take it to the next level by moving on to heavyweights. These are a little more complex than lightweights but are not that heavy preparation wise. Imagine heavyweights as a gateway to the truly complex tabletop RPGs. You really need to be thorough with these games to master the more complex tabletop RPGs.

2. Try Playing a One Shot Instead of an Extended Campaign

Let’s be practical, life is busy, and kids can get easily bored if they are stuck on an extended campaign. Playing a one shot is an easier way to play tabletop RPGs because it is a more casual style of play and you can finish off the game much faster when compared to an extended campaign. Many RPGs are now enabled for a one-shot play because you can start anew and don’t have to be bogged down by keeping track of everything like in the case of an extended campaign. To play a more focused game, it is better to play a one shot while playing with your kids. That being said, extended campaigns too can be tried but it is better to play them occasionally or it gets boring very quickly, especially when you are playing the game with your kid.

3. Have a Healthy Discussion While Playing the Game

Tabletop RPGs are best enjoyed when played with a group but you need to have healthy discussions to solve things out and work out a proper strategy beforehand. When there are kids involved, this becomes even more necessary. Appoint a leader or GM to move things along in a smooth way because it will make the whole process easier. Disagreements are bound to occur between players on most things, but everything has a solution and you need to remember the ultimate goal is to have a good time. The key is to keep the disagreements to a minimum and play an honest game.

The above tips are some ways you can play tabletop RPGs with your kids and make them enjoy the whole experience. They might not love every tabletop RPG at first and therefore get them started on something that they have an interest in. For example, if your kid likes fantasy and adventure then give him a game that embodies that. Your interests might be different than your kid but let that not deter you from having fun while playing tabletop RPGs. A compromise might be necessary in the beginning but as your kid develops an interest in tabletop RPGs, you can start playing your favorite games with him.

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