How To Plan An Awesome Family Vacation To Mexico


Mexico can be a fantastic destination for the whole family no matter what time of year it is. Family vacations can seem intimidating depending on how many kids you have, but there are ways to make sure you all enjoy a little rest and relaxation. Preparation is key to making sure you and your family have the best vacation yet. 
Choose Where to Go
Mexico has many options of cities to visit but choosing which one is perfect for you depends on what kind of trip you are looking to have. Do you want a bustling city? Try Mexico City. Do you want a quiet island? Consider Isla Holbox. But what most people think of when they think of Mexico is the many beaches. So if you are looking to enjoy the beach, consider Tulum, Cancun, Cozumel, and Playa del Carmen. If you want fresh water, look into Bacalar. Can’t make up your mind? Research if Mexico cruises would be the better option since they stop at multiple destinations. 
Book Your Hotel and Airfare 
The key to finding the cheapest airfare will be keeping your dates as flexible as possible. There are many different sites you can sign up for that allow you to see alerts for general dates. They will let you know when airfare is cheapest and on what dates. They also recommend when to buy your airfare and even hotel versus when to wait. 
Choose Activities and Create an Itinerary 
If you have young children the activities that interest you are going to be different than if you have only teenagers. Before you leave for your trip, try to book at least one to two fun and active things to do per day but keep the rest up in the air. It will take the pressure off to have something planned but if something goes awry there won’t be the issue of having to cancel or reschedule too many plans. It can be useful to research potential food options ahead of time so you have a list to choose from. If you are going during a very popular time period, consider making food reservations at night so you won’t be without dinner. If you decide to stay on a resort or go on a cruise, make sure to understand what is included in your food and drink packages ahead of time so there are no surprises. Also, remember that resorts and cruises have a lot more preplanned activities for you to choose from, so if you want to keep planning for your trip as simple as possible, opting for a resort or cruise may be for you. 
Ensure Your Passport is Up to Date
While Mexico does not require a travel visa, you will need your passport to get in and out of your country. This process can take several months depending on a number of factors. To avoid paying rush fees, start the process of securing your family’s passports ahead of time. The required forms, necessary photographs, and an explanation of the process can be found online so you can minimize any unnecessary hurdles. 
Get Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is a must-have for any trip, especially outside the country. This insurance covers the costs if you or your child gets ill while in Mexico. Travel insurance also covers the cost of stolen items as well as canceled flights and lodging caused by canceled flights. For a base fee, the benefits of travel insurance can create peace of mind that will make traveling with your whole family a lot more enjoyable.
Pack Simple
Planning what you will bring for both yourself and your kid should not be stressful. Remember that more is not better and focus on the basics. If you are going to Mexico, remember your passport, itinerary, any additional tickets, sunscreen, bug spray, comfortable shoes, necessary medications, and a mini first aid kit. Once you have those covered, the rest should be easy. 

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