Cremation vs Burial: The Differences to Know


Did you know that cremation is becoming more and more popular? In fact, it’s predicted that in the next 20 years, 80% of people will choose cremation services over burial services.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, then you’re probably wondering which option would be the best way to honor their memory. There are pros and cons to each choice. Keep reading to learn all about the differences between cremation vs burial.

Cremation Is Cheaper

If you’re on a tight budget, then cremation might be your best option. In most cases, cremation costs around a couple of grand, which is about half what you’d have to pay for a burial. Getting buried can get quite expensive because you need to pay for the plot, the casket, the headstone, and other fees.

If you want to know exact cremation vs burial prices, then it’s best to call your local funeral businesses and ask for quotes.

Some Faiths Don’t Allow Cremation

Aside from the question of cremation vs burial cost, it’s important to consider the faith your departed loved one followed, if any. For instance, if they were part of an Eastern Orthodox, Islamic, or Baptist church, then cremation would go against their beliefs. Jews tend to frown on cremation too, so it’s best to consult the departed’s rabbi if possible.

It’s always best to do research before making a final decision.

Cremation Gives You Time

One of the benefits of cremation is that it allows you to have time to plan the perfect service. If you’re overwhelmed by it all a need extra time to get everything in order, then you’ll be glad to know that the ashes of a cremation can be put into an urn for later use.

Once everything is ready, the beautiful urn can display the ashes at the service. This is quite different from a burial, which needs to happen fast.

Different Places of Mourning

It’s important to talk with your loved ones about the two options because it will affect the way they mourn. A burial gives a permanent place where people can visit a physical gravestone and leave flowers and other items to honor the departed’s memory.

Alternatively, cremation has no one physical spot to visit, unless it’s the vase in a specific home. You can also spread some or all of the ashes at a meaningful site, such as the departed’s favorite beach. In that way, you and your loved ones can visit the area to honor them and cherish their memory.

Now You Can Choose Between Cremation vs Burial

Now that you’ve learned all about the differences between cremation vs burial, you and your loved ones can choose what the best option is. No matter what option you choose, the dearly departed will live on in your heart and mind forever.

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