How to make your home more child proof


Nothing is more important than individual security and safety. When it comes to children, parents need to ensure that their kids are always safe.

This is especially crucial when you are blessed with a new born child. Therefore, here are some of the major things that you must take into account in order to ensure that your house is completely child proof:

  1. Install appropriate window furnishings

By installing appropriate window furnishings that have child safety devices, you can have peace of mind with the well being of your children. Cords and chains that form a loop need to be avoided as they can fit around the neck creating a strangulation hazard. If you’re in the market for window blinds, make sure you opt for Zero Gravity® cordless roller blinds or motolux motorised blinds. It’s also equally important to avoid placing cots near a window blind cord. A cordless blind is basically a roller blind that has a spring inside the blind itself. Cordless and motorised blinds are often a little more expensive, so if you aren’t able to afford them, the relevant safety anchors and clips can be installed as well on regular blinds to ensure that any strangulation hazard is lowered.

  1. Keep the bathroom secured at all times

Bathroom is an area where injuries can most likely occur. Kids can possibly drown in even small amounts of water. This is where extra precaution needs to be exercised. Moreover, you should ensure your toilet door is secured, medications and harmful cleaners should be hidden and locked away from toddlers. There are many statistics and reports that suggest children getting injured when bathrooms are not locked. Try to use child safety openers on your cupboards.

  1. Keep an eye on the heavy objects

This is perhaps the most obvious thing to do. Each house has a number of heavy objects. The best thing to do is lie on the floor and look from their point of view. Make sure the heavy objects are either kept away from the kids or are locked properly to avoid any possibility of injury.

  1. Exercise extra caution around electricity

There are many reports suggesting that on average more than 20 children die every year due to electrocution. One of the reasons is that children get more fascinated when they come across electric sockets and other appliances. This automatically increases the chances of injury. Rather than just leaving the sockets open, you need to ensure that everything is kept completely safe and secure. These sockets and other electrical appliances can be covered through something. Never give your children water around electricity points as it can spill creating a hazardous situation.

  1. Use gates around the stairs

This is perhaps the most important thing to do. It is of paramount importance to use caution around stairways. Safety gates can be installed at the top of stairs and you need to ensure that doors are always locked. As soon as your toddler will start moving and rolling, he/she will have a tendency to get down the stairs. You can place kids rugs in their play areas or rooms to ensure they aren’t falling down around on hard floors and getting injured.

Well now you know how to make your home more childproof!

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