How to Get Rid of Scorpions


Even if you are not living in a jungle and a decent urban neighborhood, with a well-constructed house, you cannot avoid those creepy creatures called pests and reptiles. When bugs and lizards were not enough, scorpions make things worse making it super hard for you to live peacefully in your own house. Scorpion appearance is widespread in parts of US such as Arizona that have hot and dry climates. These creepy crawlers do not grow beyond a few inches and can easily find their spaces in nooks and corners of your house including your kitchen cabinets, closets and even in the pile of your laundry. What adds to the menace is that these are nocturnal creatures.

Therefore, you are less likely to spend them during the daylight, and they will become active and moving while you are asleep. A scorpion can be poisonous and therefore its existence in your house can be life-threatening, and you need to ensure they are out of your life for life.

Here are some key tips that will help you get rid of scorpions in your house.

Locate Their Hiding Places

Before you launch your scorpion control activity, make sure you locate the primary target areas and see where they might be hiding. Scorpions do not exist in scorching temperatures, so they are likely to be hiding in places that are dry but offer some shade. Check for them in nooks and corners of doors and windows, attic, drawers, closets, laundry and powder rooms, and kitchen.

Most people make the mistake of letting the outdoor scorpions be while targeting the indoor areas only. It is essential to understand that if any scorpions are hiding in your outdoors, they can easily make their way inside. Therefore, any indoor scorpion extermination is futile unless you take care of the problem existing outside.  

Scorpions can find their way in your lawns in many places such as under the trees, in the trash bin or trash pile or burrowed merely in the sand or under the rocks. Use strong sealant or products such as pest barrier and apply it at the outside of the house. This sealant will act as a barrier and will keep scorpions and spiders from making their way into your home. This product is meant to be used by a professionally trained person only so make sure you hire a local scorpion control company to do the job.

Clean the House and Kill Them

Once you have restricted the outdoor scorpions with a barrier, start the extermination process. Before you begin using the scorpion control products, clean the house carefully so that you can spot any scorpions and can remove any items that might attract scorpions. Use pest catchers and killers to kill any insects since scorpions mainly feed on insects and spiders. Once you have made sure that anything that can attract scorpions start with killing products. There are dedicated products used for indoor and outdoor treatments so make sure you are using the right products in the right places. Repeat the procedure every week so that any eggs or remnants can be killed too. Do not walk barefoot in the house during the treatment process and do not pick them with bare hands.

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