How to Make a Good Espresso


A good coffee cup can improve the mood and wakefulness of an individual, most essential during the daily morning routines of preparation. Apart from this, coffee is known to increase a person’s well-being and performance while on the job. Any mixed variant of coffee, either a coffee shop classic cup or the ice-filled cups are mostly mixed with an ingredient known as espresso.

An Overview of Espresso

Espresso is a quick coffee shot of Italian origin. It is famously known for its intensity in taste produced by a coffee-making method with its small amounts of volume and the tremendous force of pressure applied in creating it. A cup of espresso coffee is usually made from a particular choice of coffee beans.

Classically, the dark brew of an espresso shot is served with a small, finely-embroidered, porcelain china cup that can be filled with no more than fifty milliliters of hot coffee. Today, many people can have the luxury of a home-made espresso coffee by purchasing an affordable espresso machine capable of making quality mixtures with the right quantity input of ingredients. The bittersweet espresso’s high-concentration levels are suitable to be mixed with crafting an array of unique coffee beverages.

A typical espresso shot is a twenty-five to thirty-five milliliter of coffee beverage prepared from seven to nine grams of coffee. An amount of clean water at a temperature not exceeding ninety-six and one degrees of celsius is forced with ten atmospheres of pressure to pass through a solid cake layer of coffee beans. A cradle that holds the fine coffee grounds absorbs the pressurized water force that squeezes and extracts the espresso product at a time frame of thirty seconds.

The coffee cake, also known as the coffee bed from which most espressos are made, is thoroughly processed to produce a strong yet refined espresso shot. The composition of this tier determines the correct intensity and mixture of the espresso extract. A quick infusion activity happens when the small amount of grinding exposes most of the finely ground beans’ surface areas to the high-temperature of pressurized water.

How to Produce an Espresso Shot

The proper brewing of espresso will result in a quality espresso extract with a creamy, exotic, and rich taste. When consumed into the mouth, its silk-like properties introduce a feeling of euphoric, velvety, and smooth liquid alongside its powerful aromatic scent. Its mixing and exposure to hot water produce a refined coffee solution with less acidity that retains seventy percent of the caffeine when poured into a drinking glass.


Procuring the right equipment for espresso production is important to a good espresso shot outcome.

  • Affordable and Quality Espresso Machine
  • Grinder
  • Filler
  • Measuring Scale
  • Tamper
  • Filter/ Portafilter
  • Drinkable or Filtered Water
  • Drinking Cups or Glass
  • Fresh Finely Ground Coffee
  • Electronic Timer


Before initializing the espresso production method, be sure with the espresso machine’s pre-heating, by means of hot or steamed water through the portafilter and drinking cup. It usually takes a waiting duration of fifteen to thirty minutes of priming the espresso machine.

  • Grind

Be sure to grind the prepared coffee beans before brewing starts. The sole texture of a grind is crucial to the quality of an espresso shot. A grind that is too fine can result in an espresso that is bitter and tastes like burnt wood. An over grounded coffee bean amount will cause the watery and sour-tasting product that is to be avoided. An ideal and recommended coffee grind is aimed to be similar to particles of granulated sugar.

  • Dosage

The dosage refers to the proper amount of coffee to be installed depending on the size and holding volume of the machine’s portafilter. The most classical way of the espresso is with fourteen to eighteen grams of coffee.

  • Tamping

Tamping is the method of ensuring that the coffee layer or cake is uniformly level and compacted enough that equal amounts of pressurized water are consistently forced through it. The correct tamping method is with ninety-percent angling of the elbow with the portafilter resting on a flat surface where pressure is applied until a smooth coffee layer is observed.

  • Brewing

The brewing begins by installing the portafilter of compacted coffee beans into the machine’s brew head. The electronic timer comes in handy as it would indicate the right timing to pull down the dispensing lever. This part of the brewing method is essential and requires lots of practice to perfect.

  • Result

The proper implementation of the coffee dosage, the correct application of tamping, and brewing may result in an ideal coffee solution that is primarily dark in color before it transforms to brown with a foamy surface that drops into thin-streams down to the drinking cup. The best brewing time is twenty to thirty seconds with one ounce proportionate to a singular espresso shot.


An espresso is a coffee-making method that originated in Italy. It is a pure coffee concentrate that can lead to many variants of the beverage. Following the correct procedure and proper input of the number of ingredients can lead to a satisfying self-made espresso.

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Peggy Lee
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Your espresso is just perfect. I really like it. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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Thank you for your advice, I love coffee especially in cute coffee shops that can surprise you with their pastries. Good baked food products are the best that can go with a good espresso

Julia Reed
11 months ago

I love coffee so much! Thanks for sharing the recipe.I will try it soon.

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