What You Need to Know About the Mommy Makeover Cosmetic Procedure


Motherhood is a defining role in many women’s lives- one that’s responsible for many blessings and is worthy of all the sacrifices. Some sacrifices, such as stretch marks, sagging skin, and pregnancy weight gain, can affect the mom’s self-esteem, lowering her self-confidence. Today, many mothers are looking into a trending cosmetic procedure known as the mommy makeover.

This is the best option for a mother looking to regain her toned physique and youthful appearance before having children. With a combination of several selections of cosmetic procedures and body contouring, cosmetic surgeons today are helping mothers fight against the side effects of child-bearing and pregnancy. Women everywhere have been allowed to celebrate being mothers without sacrificing their self-esteem and sense of sensuality.

Cosmetic Procedures Included in a Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is designed to correct any pregnancy drawbacks such as unwanted fat on thighs and hips, facial pigmentation, excess weight gain, and saggy breasts. There are numerous surgical options to choose from, depending on what you’d like to rectify. These options include:

1. Breast lift and sometimes augmentation

Most women, especially those in their 30s and 40s, need a breast lift after childbirth. This is due to the drastic expansion and contraction of the breasts during the milk production period. It’s common for pregnant women to go up a few cup sizes the drop-down once the baby is done breastfeeding. The skin stretches to accommodate the milk leaving women with saggy and flat breasts afterward. Some women even notice a reduction in their breast size after breastfeeding, which calls for a combination of an augmentation surgery and a breast lift.

2. Liposuction

During pregnancy, many women add weight that is often difficult to shed off. If you have developed love handles, you may need liposuction to get rid of them. Liposuction removes fat deposits in other body parts too such as thighs and hips.

3. Tummy Tuck

During this procedure, the surgeon makes a long incision along the bikini line to tighten your muscles and skin by pulling them down. Sometimes another incision is made near the belly button to tighten the upper abdominal area. Any damage to your muscles and loosened skin caused by the childbirth process will be repaired, giving you a slim-looking figure. If you’re also suffering from urinary stress inconsistency, your surgeon can place some tissue near the bladder to help regulate urine flow.

4. Labiaplasty

When the labia minora stretches during the birth process, its flaps can bulge beyond the protective outer layer- labia majora. This has caused embarrassment and is often uncomfortable for most women. Due to its sensitive nature, it’s prone to chaffing, making it difficult for the woman to have sex or exercise. The excellent news is Labiaplasty can correct this problem. A cosmetic surgeon can surgically remove the excess skin carefully from the labia minora and stitch the area to close it. After healing, the labia will be comfortably protected and functional.

Tips to Help You Adequately Prepare Before Booking a Consultation

Before booking a consultation for a mommy makeover, ensure you have waited at least six months after giving birth. This helps your body heal from the stress it was subjected to during pregnancy and the birth process. In addition to this, ensure you follow the below tips:

1. Ensure you are in good health both mentally and physically

A mommy makeover includes more than one invasive procedure; you must be in good health before going under the knife. If you smoke, you can stop for at least three weeks before the surgery. Even some common conditions that may arise during pregnancy, such as diabetes, can make it risky to have surgery. Ensure you also inform your surgeon about any medication that you are taking, it could affect your ability to go under the knife.

2. You will need to have a healthy weight

Despite what many people think, a mommy makeover is not a way to lose weight. While some of your body fat may be removed during the procedure, you need to have lost most of your pregnancy weight before booking a consultation. This is required for ideal skin resection. Experts recommend that you be at least more than 25 pounds above your deal goal before the procedure.

3. Budget accordingly

A mommy makeover involves numerous different procedures and is often more expensive than other cosmetic procedures. You can pay a maximum of 20,000 dollars for the whole process. It’s essential to ask your surgeon if they offer financial plans to help you manage your expenses.

While being a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman’s life, it may leave you feeling unhappy, especially with the way your body changes during pregnancy and after childbirth. Changes such as sagging skin, loss of breast volume, separated or weak abdominal muscles, and stubborn fat leaves many mothers seeking a mommy makeover. This customizable cosmetic procedure has a unique ability to transform how a woman looks at herself after childbirth. You can book a consultation with cosmetic surgery experts to get your desired size.

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8 months ago

Changes in a woman’s body during and after pregnancy are inevitable, however, fortunately for modern women, all the undesirable consequences of this period can be corrected using modern methods in aesthetic clinics.