How to Look Good in the Kitchen


Whether you’re a professional chef or you spend a lot of your time cooking up a storm in your own home, you know firsthand how hot and bothered you can get in the kitchen. Looking good isn’t just about being pretty in the kitchen. It can also help you feel more comfortable too. Here are a few top tips to help you brave the heat and look good in the kitchen.

  • Choose Cool Fabrics

In a professional kitchen, many people choose cool fabric clothing over stiff chef whites. The conventional chef’s attire might seem like a good idea at first, but it can be a nightmare in practice. Not only will you feel hot and stuffy throughout a shift, but any messes you make will be immediately apparent. If you have a say in your outfit, lean towards versatile wool, comfortable cotton, and breathable polyester blends. These fabrics can help you stand the heat and keep a cool head in the kitchen.

  • Pick the Right Apron

In addition to donning the most comfortable kitchen attire, picking the right apron can have a huge impact too. Whether you’re cooking for a restaurant full of people or for a few guests at home, a stylish yet practical apron will help you preserve your clothes while you focus on getting the menu right. When choosing an apron, pick a well-fitted one with roomy pockets for essential tools and sturdy straps that can be easily adjusted. Womens aprons with pockets are created for fashionable chefs. They are both attractive and functional and are ideal for professionals and amateur cooks.

  • Make a Difference with Proper Footwear

Wearing the right footwear in the kitchen can help you stay comfortable after hours of standing. Although it might be tempting to don a pair of sneakers or simple, everyday shoes, your tired feet won’t thank you for it later. When working in the kitchen, shoes with maximum coverage can protect your feet from accidental spills and heavy impact, while a non-slip sole can prevent trips and falls. Arch support and cushioning can also help reduce fatigue after a long stint in the kitchen. Not to mention, you should make sure your shoes fit properly and are replaced when they become worn.

  • Take a Break

One of the most effective ways to look fresh in the kitchen is to take breaks. Passionate chefs might find it tempting to work through their breaks so that they can get their orders out quickly, but this can lead to stress and burnout. A quick 15-minute break to get some fresh air can do a world of good. Not only will it give you a chance to get away from the kitchen and cool down, but it also gives you the opportunity to clear your head. Working in a busy kitchen can get to the best of chefs. Some well-deserved downtime can stop you from getting frazzled and help you stay productive in the kitchen. 

These four tips should help you to keep your cool in the kitchen and stay looking good. After all, when you look good, you feel good too. 

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