How to Look After Your Hearing as you get Older


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As you get older, you need to pay more attention to your body and health overall. If you haven’t thought about your hearing health in some time, it’s a good idea to visit your audiologist for a check-up. An audiologist will help you to set a baseline for your hearing and monitor it regularly.  

Audio Awareness

If you want to look after your hearing health as you get older, or you want to look after the hearing of a family member, you need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of hearing loss. It can be hard to identify hearing loss in yourself or a loved one, but there are some clear signs. 

For one thing, you will notice yourself increasing the volume on your devices in the home, and your loved one might ask you to increase the volume as well. If you struggle to hear what people are saying or you are getting information wrong, it could be time for a hearing test.   

Hearing Test 

Hearing issues can affect people of any age, but of course, they are more common in older people. When you reach the age of fifty and over, it’s a good idea to visit an audiologist for a hearing test. A hearing professional will create a baseline for you to work with as your age. 

There are a wide variety of hearing tests available, and your audiologist will determine the best hearing test for you. Younger people might only need to visit their hearing professional once every few years, but those over fifty should if there are any signs of age-related hearing loss

Hearing Device 

Some people think that having a hearing aid signals the end of their hearing health, but in some ways, it is only the beginning. Modern hearing devices are simple and advanced, they not only allow people to hear again, but they can augment hearing making it better than ever before. 

Using a hearing device improves your hearing and your quality of life. Using a hearing aid can also improve the quality of your hearing because it strengthens the neurological links that would otherwise atrophy. Consult your audiologist to find the most suitable device for your hearing. 

Mindfulness Techniques 

If you experience a buzzing sound in your ears, or a low humming noise, chances are you have some tinnitus. Tinnitus is a common hearing issue that affects people of all ages. That said, it is probably most common in older adults who have been exposed to loud noise for longer overall.

Tinnitus occurs when there is damage to the tiny hairs in the inner ear; these hairs are responsible for translating sound waves into electrical signals for the brain to interpret. The brain compensated for the absence of hairs with noise. Use mindfulness to treat the symptoms.  

Avoid Noises 

Even if you have tinnitus or wear a hearing aid device, you should still avoid loud noises that can further damage the cilia hairs in your inner ear and affect your hearing in later life. Any noise level above 70 decibels is considered harmful to your hearing and should be avoided if possible.  

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1 year ago

My grandmother also has a problem with hearing. Thank you for your sharing. This help me learn more methods of taking care hearing. I will try applying them to better my grandmother’s hearing.

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Taking care of yourself from a young age is the best way to take care of yourself in old age. A healthy lifestyle and healthy eating will help reduce aging.