How To Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Clean


Many pet owners often overlook the importance of oral hygiene. Many dogs develop signs of periodontal disease as early as three years old. If you notice bad breath on your furry companion, it’s an early sign of dental disease. It’s often left unnoticed by owners since most believe that it’s something that dogs inherently have.  

Once periodontal disease develops, it can cause serious health issues. With this in mind, it’s essential to maintain proper oral hygiene. If left untreated, dental disease can lead to tooth loss and the formation of abscesses and systemic infections. If you want to keep your dog’s oral hygiene in good shape, check out several tips to keep your pet’s teeth and mouth clean below. 

Proper Nutrition 

With the right food, it will keep your pet’s oral health in a good state. A superior quality pet food can help improve dental and overall health in the long run. You must provide your pet with a good diet that meets their required nutritional needs.  

Regular Teeth Brushing 

For some, brushing their pets’ teeth might seem a silly task, but it’s the best way to prevent plaque buildup. There’s no need to perform the job daily, but the more often, the better. Brands such as Plaque Off Canada have a range of products that could address and prevent plaque buildup.

When brushing the teeth of your pet, you should use a toothpaste for dogs. Never use regular toothpaste since it contains ingredients that are dangerous to animals. Additionally, toothpaste for dogs is available in tasty flavors, such as chicken or peanut butter. Furthermore, use a dog toothbrush or a brush that you can fit over your fingertip. You can contact your veterinarian on what is best and check which one your pet prefers.  

While brushing your pet’s teeth, position the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the tooth’s surface as the bristles point in the direction of the gums. Work in circular motions, focusing on the external surface of the teeth. It would be best if you’re patient with this task.

An excellent way to start is to introduce the routine and steadily work up to longer sessions.  

Teeth Wipes 

In case your dog finds a toothbrush uncomfortable, you can use dental wipes. When using teeth wipes, rub one against your pet’s teeth to get rid of any plaque. The wipes work in the same way as a toothbrush, but cannot reach the small corners and crevices.

Professional Cleaning  

One sure way to ensure that your pet’s oral health is in good shape is through professional cleaning by a veterinarian. You can ask your veterinarian about cleaning during regular dental checkups. The veterinarian knows what is best for your pet’s teeth and can deal with any present issues.  

Although this approach can be costly than other methods, professional dental cleaning is an ideal way to maintain good dental hygiene for your pet. 

Dental Treats 

When it comes to treats, dogs can’t resist one. Dental treats can help improve your dog’s dental health. These treats work by removing the buildup of plaque. Most contain ingredients that can freshen breath and clean the mouth.  

Most dogs appreciate dental treats than teeth wipes or a toothbrush. You can find dental treats in various sizes, shapes, and flavors. It’s easy to find something that your pet will love. 

Dog Chews 

Today, you can find a wide selection of dog chews in the market. Most of these have teeth-cleaning properties to keep your pet’s mouth clean. It’s important to note that chewing can benefit your dog’s oral health.  

As a dog gnaws, it scrapes off plaque from the teeth. Many all-natural chews that are meat-based contain enzymes that promote dental health. You can provide your pet with chews, such as bully sticks or chicken strips. Additionally, you can also give your pet rubber or nylon chew toys that can work the same way, but without the extra calories.  


As part of regular care for your pet, make sure to clean their teeth and mouth regularly. With these useful tips in cleaning your pet’s teeth, it will ensure good oral health and fresh breath at all times. 

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